Preserve your skin's
    health and beauty

    Sun Care

    “Naturally, our philosophy when creating a product is to protect against sunburn—but also to protect against what you cannot see or feel, which means all the damage caused well before sunburn appears.” Lionel de Benetti, President of Clarins Laboratories—Paris, France.

    Clarins’ Multi-Cellular Protection Sun Care products are genuine treatment formulas that build rich, even, lasting tans while helping to preserve your skin’s health and youthful beauty.


    Soothe your skin
    Prolong your tan

    After Sun

    Since skin damage linked to sun exposure continues well after exposure, Clarins Laboratories have developed a complete range of After Sun Soothers—the ultimate in targeted post-sun protection.

    Use Clarins After Sun Soothers directly after exposure to:

    • Instantly soothe, relieve redness and heat.
    • Leave skin soft, satin-smooth and comfortable enough for sun exposure the following day.
    • Ensure a rich, radiant, lasting tan—in formulas and textures that will keep your sunny glow glowing long after the sun goes down. For face and body, nothing treats skin better!


    For a flawless,
    sun-free tan

    Self tanners

    Shun the sun? Go for a faux golden glow with Clarins Self Tanners. Seven mistake-proof formulas create rich, natural-looking, streak free colour on face and body. Tanning so true to you, you’ll love what develops!

    Clarins'self tanning secrets:

    • Exfoliating the day before eliminates flaky skin cells to encourage even, flaw-free tanning.
    • Use a Clarins face and body moisturizer before applying Self Tanner.
    • Apply Self Tanner with light smoothing motions, starting at the feet (avoid soles) and working your way up to neck and face.
    • After application, wipe eyebrows and hairline with damp tissue.
    • Wash hands and nails thoroughly after application.
    • For more intense tanning, repeat application after 3 hours.
    • Reapply every 3-4 days to maintain results.

4.5 out of 5
$36.00 - $48.00