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Insider's Beauty Obsessions!

dji Yen

Products they’re obsessed with!

They all working at Clarins. They know all the products by .
But there are some products they so much, they just can’t get enough!


Digital Marketing Project Manager.
Has worked at Clarins for two years.

The truth can hurt—especially when late nights, studying, parties and stress leave telltale signs on your skin. Follow my advice, and no one will be the wiser.

Beauty Flash Balm

An instant pick-me-up for tired, stress skin—it moisturizes, tightens and brightens skin in a flash!

“It’s the ultimate miracle product.”

Beauty Flash Balm

1.7 fl oz
$0.00 add to cart


“Beauty Flash Balm lives up to its name, working in seconds to brighten my skin when it looks stressed or tired. It creates a healthy-looking glow, even at my worst beauty moments, and is small enough to slip into my purse. I can’t live without it.”


Skin Care Group Manager.
Has worked at Clarins for 10 years.

Capucine’s motto: “Have a flawless complexion in every situation.
Here’s how she does it.

Ever Matte Shine Control Mineral Powder Compact

Clarins’ oil-free complex—including a blend of mineral pigments and active plant ingredients—leaves skin flawless, matte and shine-free for hours of beautiful wear.

“I love having a velvety-smooth,
perfectly matte complexion.”

Ever Matte Shine Control Mineral Powder Compact 00 Transparent opal

10 g
$0.00 add to cart


“It’s my go-to formula for every kind of weather. I’m a huge fan of the silky texture and all-day matt effect. I also love the radiant finish!”

Dji Yen

France Trainer.
Has worked at Clarins for 16 years.

Soft skin—that’s the first thing that comes
to mind when you meet Dji Yen.

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil with 100% Pure Plant Extracts

This luxurious oil tones, revitalizes and restores radiance
to moisture-depleted skin. For a bit of history,
it’s one of the first three products created by Clarins!

Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

1 fl oz
$52.00 add to cart

“It’s like a moisture bath for my skin.”


“I love the soothing aromas of the pure plant extracts—as well as how soft it makes my skin. I add a drop or two to my day, night and hand creams for an extra boost of hydration.


International Make-up Trainer.
Has worked at Clarins for 12 years.

If anyone knows how to tackle
a man’s beard, it’s Claude.
Here’s how he preps his skin
for a close, clean, friction-free shave.

ClarinsMen Shave Ease Oil

This comforting shaving oil—with extracts of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Mint—softens stubble to banish razor burn.

“It allows for perfect razor glide and firms my skin.”

ClarinsMen Shave Ease Oil

1 fl oz
$26.00 add to cart


“Not only does it help prevent slippage, nicks and redness—it also makes my skin feel great. I would never shave without it.”


International Brand Event Director.
Has worked at Clarins for 12 years.

Meetings, travel, dinners with friends—Samuel’s eyes start to feel it!

Clarins Eye Contour Gel

This cooling gel deflates puffs and reduces dark circles—minimizing signs of fatigue so eyes look rested and relaxed.

“It’s instant refreshment for my eyes.”

Eye Contour Gel

0.7 fl oz
$36.00 add to cart


“It’s just like me: fast and effective. I take it wherever life takes me—to relax my eyes and minimize the effects of frequent time zone changes. I always keep an extra one in my suit case.”

Senior Skin Care Product Manager.
Has worked at Clarins for 5 years.

No one loves a healthy-looking glow like Lucie. That’s why she’s tested every self-tanner out there.

Instant Smooth Golden Glow

This smoothing self-tanner builds a subtle “sun-kissed” glow while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

Instant Smooth Golden Glow

1 fl oz
$36.00 add to cart

“With Instant Smooth Golden Glow you can’t go wrong!”


“It’s easy to apply even when you’re in a rush—and leaves my skin feeling amazingly smooth. What I love the most is how natural the colour looks.”

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