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Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

3 drops to
sun-kissed skin!
Enjoy a golden, healthy-looking glow—365 days a year!

Add 3 drops to any day or night cream for sun-kissed skin all year long.

Golden Glow Booster’s innovative formula lets you create a radiant, natural-looking self tan that develops gradually and evenly, from the first application.

Golden Glow Booster
0.5 fl Oz, approximately 3 months of use

Golden Glow Booster must be used in combination with a moisturizer.
Never use alone.

Application Method

Made-to-Measure Results

Create your perfect tan:
light, medium or
gorgeously golden!

With Golden Glow Booster, you can adjust the intensity of your tan all year long. Start by creating a base tan. After a few days, continue adding three drops to your moisturizer each day for rich, deep color; or just two drops a day to maintain an existing tan. Results fade gradually with discontinued use.

Daily Treatment

Beautiful tan,
beautiful skin—win-win!

Golden Glow Booster’s breakthrough formula can be mixed with any day or night moisturizer*—instantly transforming your hydrating or brightening treatment into a self tanner.

Easy to Use


Dispense any day or night moisturizer into the palm of your hand. Turn the dropper bottle upside down, press the base and release 3 drops into your moisturizer. Mix well in the palms of your hands. Apply evenly to your face, neck and décolleté to create a golden, streak-free glow. Wash hands thoroughly, and immediately, after application.

Clarins Tip
For an even more radiant tan—use an exfoliating scrub before applying Golden Glow Booster. Once dry surface cells are eliminated, skin is more receptive to the active ingredients.

*Golden Glow Booster is concentrated and MUST be mixed with a moisturizer. NEVER USE ALONE. Use exactly according to instructions.

Clarins Innovation

Behind the scenes
at the Clarins
Research Laboratory

One of the unique features of Golden Glow Booster is its high concentration of self tanning active ingredients. Specially developed for made-to-measure use—when combined with any day or night face moisturizer, these active ingredients interact with the amino acids present in the corneal layer of the skin to produce a rich, even tanning result.

99.8% natural formula delivers perfectly natural results.

Clarins Research combined a subtle blend of odorless, natural DHA with natural erythrulose for sun-kissed results. Golden Glow Booster blends instantly with any moisturizer*—giving light skin tones a touch of sun-kissed radiance, and deeper skin tones a warm, golden glow. Includes Aloe Vera to preserve skin’s softness.

The Benefits



Tan adapted to skin tone after 10 days of use



Natural-looking result



Even-looking tan

*Golden Glow Booster is concentrated and MUST be mixed with a moisturizer. NEVER USE ALONE. Use exactly according to instructions.
** Source: Satisfaction test, 61 women, 10 days


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3 drops to sun-kissed skin!

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Application Method

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Clarins Innovation

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