Shaping Facial Lift

Facial Lift*

Sculpted contours
in just 4 weeks!

*Two international patents.

Product benefits

The only skin care that helps "clear" excess fat from the face. Clarins revolutionary new fluid-release Serum "lifts," refines and defines facial contours on cheeks, jawline and chin. The ultimate treatment for those experiencing "roundness", or features that appear puffy and heavy with age.

Clinical tests prove that in just 4 weeks, facial contours become visibly lighter, sculpted and "lifted" into the perfect V-Shape from every angle.

Application Method

Apply daily, before your regular serum, using Clarins’ exclusive Manual
Auto-Lifting Method.

> Discover Clarins’ Auto-Lifting Method

Blue Button Flower

Encourages the release of excess fat and toxins that cause “heaviness” in the cheekbones, jawline and chin. International

Horse Chestnut

Boosts blood and lymphatic circulation―facilitating the drainage of fluids and toxins that cause puffy, “heavy” features.

Horse Chestnut

Refines and defines facial contours. Discourages the formation of new fatty deposits. International patent.

Proven results in 4 weeks!

The performance of Shaping Facial Lift was evaluated by a dermatologist, on 31 Asian women, by comparing the degree of heaviness of the face before using the product and 4 weeks afterwards.

Proven results in 4 weeks!