Age 30: Correct early lines & wrinkles!

30 Age

Thirty- Let Clarins answer all your questions.


"When should I begin an anti-wrinkle regimen?"

At age 30, although your skin is still young-looking, the first wrinkles may start to appear on your face. A hectic lifestyle can accelerate this process. To control early lines and wrinkles, add an anti-aging night cream to your daily skin care routine. In the morning, apply a reviving treatment for eye contours — to smooth, refresh and instantly brighten your eyes.


Multi-ActiveDay Correction Cream All Skin Types

1.7 fl oz
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Multi-ActiveNight Recovery Cream All Skin Types

1.7 fl oz
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Your anti-ageing

daily routine

Double Serum,
The anti-ageing skincare booster.

Highly concentrated in active ingredients, it completes your day and night treatments, boosting their efficiency. 87% of women stated that Double Serum® boosts the effectiveness of skin care applied afterwards*.

*Satisfaction test – 95 women – 4 weeks.

Your usual
day/night cream

nullDouble Serum

1 fl oz
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Application tip

Start by warming the cream in your hands until it becomes the same temperature as your skin. This will help the formula penetrate faster once applied.

More radiance, please!

Glowing skin is in your hands — all you need to do is exfoliate! Radiance is, above all, a question of light. And light is best reflected by smooth, exfoliated skin that's free of dead, flaky surface cells. Exfoliating skin once or twice a week promotes cellular renewal and revives luminosity.

Put on your mask, get set and glow!

Due to fatigue and lack of sleep, your skin may become dry and shiny. Count on a targeted mask to turn things around. For maximum efficacy, apply your mask after exfoliating. Skin that's clear of spent surface cells is better able to absorb the products that are applied afterward.


A transparent texture is a great place to start.

Lipstick lovers

Opt for a shiny finish.

Make-Up pros

Select a stay-put formula.

“Dare I wear
red lipstick?”


There's nothing more glamorous than red lips. Consider the season when selecting your shade. Opt for cherry- or poppy-red in spring and summer; bordeaux or plum when fall and winter arrive. Properly moisturized lips are essential for achieving uniform and long-lasting colour.

nullJoli RougeBrilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick

3,5 g
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nullJoli Rouge Lipstick

3,5 g
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nullRouge Prodige True Colour & Shine Lipstick

3 g
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In addition to being the leading cause of skin aging, the sun sends melanin (the pigment that colours skin) into overdrive. Too much sun exposure can lead to overproduction of melanin — resulting in the appearance of brown spots on the face. Always shield your skin by using products with SPF protection. If you are pregnant, you need to be even more careful as “pregnancy mask” is always a risk!


Treat yourself to regular massages, especially when the seasons change. Massage stimulates micro-circulation — which drains toxins from skin tissues, relieves stress, and facilitates the flow of energy.

Beauty essential: the Clarins Signature Massage

Fight cellulite!

Want to break the vicious cellulite cycle? You're not alone — 90% of women dread bathing suit season. To achieve a beach-chic silhouette, nothing beats daily exercise and a balanced diet combined with Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control — the first slimming treatment that prevents and corrects early and stubborn cellulite, visibly smoothing hips, buttocks and thighs for a sleeker shape in just four weeks.

Be firm
with your body.

If you decide to have a baby, expect big changes in your life… and your skin! It's never too soon to start using targeted products for this special time, including a bust firming lotion, anti-stretch mark cream, and nourishing and smoothing pure plant oils. Some are preventative treatments. Others help get skin back into shape. Use a.m. and p.m. to stand firm against sagging.

nullBody Lift Cellulite Control

6.7 fl oz
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nullBust Beauty Firming Lotion

1.7 fl oz
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nullStretch Mark Control

6.7 fl oz
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nullTonic Body Treatment Oil "Firming/Toning"

3.3 fl oz
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Wake-up your make-up.

At age 30, anything is possible! Opt for simple and easy-to-wear eye make-up during the day: beige, pale pink or taupe eye shadows are the news. Create juicy-looking lips with fresh, fruity lip colours. For p.m.-pretty — smoky eyes with black, gray and plum eye shadows look the most modern. Lips are shiny and sexy in baby-doll beige and pale pink shades.


nullEye Quartet Mineral Palette 05 violet

5,8 g
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