How do I know if my skin is dry?

Dry skin does not produce enough oil in the epidermis – skin’s outer layer made up of fat, called lipid, and epidermal proteins that prevent dehydration. Skin feels tight, rough and uncomfortable, and fine lines appear on the surface. Understanding dry skin causes and the best dry skin treatments is the first step to a visibly soft and comfortably hydrated complexion.

1. What is dry skin?

When the lipids and/or proteins in your skin’s outer layer are depleted, moisture is lost from the skin – and without enough water in the epidermis, the skin will not function properly. So what does “function properly” mean? Oily lubrication stops water (which doesn’t mix with oil) from being lost from the skin, while the oily barrier stops bacteria and pollutants from getting into your body.

There are different levels of dry skin – from mild to extremely dry skin. If you have a mild condition, you might still be asking – what type of skin do I have? These are the most common dry skin symptoms that will set you apart from other skin types: a feeling of tightness especially after showering, dry itchy skin that is rough to the touch and sometimes flakes or peels, a dull or gray skin tone, redness and deep cracks that can bleed in cases of extremely dry skin.

Milder dry skin causes can most often be put down to hereditary or environmental factors and skin can be easily treated with a good moisturizer for dry skin and other dry skin treatments like a cleanser for dry skin, a dry skin cream or a face mask for dry skin. More serious dry skin conditions – like eczema and psoriasis – need the help of a dermatologist.

Keep in mind that even a mild dry skin type can be aggravated by extreme weather, aging, hormone imbalances, harsh soaps and detergents, or if a job or hobby means you often have to immerse your skin in water – think nurse, hair stylist, or hydrotherapist.

Most of the time, dry skin is not a serious condition but dry skin on the face, dry skin patches on the body or a dry skin rash can be uncomfortable. You also don’t want to ignore the condition because when dry skin patches crack open – they expose your body to bacteria, secondary infections, and scarring.

As with all skin types, regular use of skin care products created specifically to address your skin’s concerns are extremely important. With a good moisturizer for dry skin and other dry skin treatments, most of the time you can control the factors that cause or aggravate your skin condition and even visibly improve some of its annoying and uncomfortable effects. So let’s get started!

2. How to get rid of dry skin

With advances in skin care technology, there are a number of products that work to care for dry skin.

Morning and night, after using a face wash for dry skin, give your skin an intense moisture boost with face moisturizer for dry skin. The beauty of using a face cream for dry skin is that it not only visibly improves dry flaky skin, it’s also the perfect way to prep for a foundation for dry skin. Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Rich Cream - Very Dry Skin is a rich nourishing dry skin cream that restores comfort and visible radiance to super-thirsty skin, soothing tightness and irritations. This best moisturizer for dry skin helps to shield against the dehydrating effects of daily thermic shocks that can leave it looking dry and weathered: sudden temperature changes, indoor and outdoor pollutants, and environmental stress. Organic Leaf of Life extract – a succulent plant that can enhance the skin’s ability to retain precious moisture – helps quench the skin, leaving it visibly soft, supple, and intensely hydrated.

If you’re caring for dry skin as well as addressing signs of aging, opt for Clarins Extra-Firming Day - Dry Skin. This luxuriously rich anti-aging face moisturizer for dry skin includes Kangaroo Flower extract – a new plant discovery that can leave skin visibly smooth, and looking more firm, radiant, and renewed day after day. Formulated with Clarins' Anti-Pollution Complex, this dry skin cream helps decrease the risk of feeling the effects of pollution and free radicals.

Need a power kit to win over dry skin and the effects of daytime stress? Multi-Active Day Cream - Dry Skin helps to visibly boost radiance and tone. This cream for dry skin is packed with encapsulated Teasel extract to deliver targeted revitalizing action to where your skin needs it most. Myrothamnus extract visibly hydrates and de-stresses dry skin while Organic Cupuacu Butter helps comfort and visibly smooth.

If you aren’t already using an oil in your skin care routine, now’s the time to start. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as the best moisturizer for dry skin – and with good reason! Plant-based skin care products can deliver amazing results, partly because their active ingredients are found in nature.

At Clarins, we have a special place in our hearts for Face Treatment Oils made from 100% pure plant extracts. Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil uses an aromatic blend of essential oils – including Blue Orchid and Patchouli – to help restore visible radiance and vitality to moisture-deprived skin. This best oil for dry skin harnesses the plant power of Hazelnut Oil – rich in Omega 9 and Vitamin E – to visibly soften dry skin and seal in moisture.

If dry itchy skin needs an emergency moisture boost – SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask comes to the rescue with soothing Wild Mango Butter to soften, comfort and renew radiance.This face mask for dry skin is a 10-minute beauty reset face mask nourishes and comforts and revives radiance. It creamy formula provides moments of pure relaxation - the perfect complement to your tool kit of best dry skin products.

Here’s to soft, comfortable and radiant skin with not a flake in sight!

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