How to apply Shaping Facial Lift
V-Facial Intensive Wrap

The 10-minute solution for puffiness and swelling.

11 min. application

Stress, heat and hormonal changes can cause facial puffiness—the result is fluid that has accumulated in your skin tissue. To slim your features, treat yourself to a draining mask. In just ten minutes Shaping Facial Lift Intensive wrap works to:

  • Reduce the look of puffiness.
  • Refine facial contours.
  • Visibly brighten the complexion.
  • Clarins +
  • In a seated position, the tilting motion eases the feelings of heaviness and bloating.

De-puff, relieve and brighten

  • 1


    Bring the product to skin temperature by warming it between your hands, so that your accepts it instantly.
    3 seconds

  • 2


    Smooth a thick layer over your face, jawline and onto your neck.
    8 seconds

  • 3


    Leave mask on for 10 minutes. In the last few minutes, place 2 tissues over the mask on either side of your face. Cup your left elbow in your right hand, and rest your chin in your palm.
    10 minutes

  • 4


    Gently tilt your head to the left and let the full weight of your head fall onto your hand for 3 seconds. Repeat four times, and then do the same on the right side.
    24 seconds

  • 5


    Splash with cool water.
    10 seconds

    Our Expert’s Tip

    Store the product in the refrigerator for a refreshing, icy effect.

    Denise Barthe, International Training Director

    Master the Methods