Organic Leaf of Life

Powers the skin’s natural hydration.

At Clarins, the world of plants is an endless source of inspiration and innovation.

Organic Kalanchoe—also known as “Leaf of Life”—is a resilient succulent plant from Madagascar. It captured the attention of the Clarins laboratories for its unique ability to thrive in the face of harsh climates, sudden temperature shifts, pollution and environmental stress.

This super-quenching plant extract boosts the skin’s natural hydration for hours of multi-level protection in any environment, leaving it intensely hydrated, plump and radiant.

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Clarins Responsible Beauty
Organic Leaf of Life acquired
through Fair Trade.

  • Certified Organic

    The organic certification of Leaf of Life extract meets three stringent criteria: organic farming, ECOCERT-authorized solvent extraction, and approval by an organic certifier of the factory where the extraction process takes place.

  • Fair Trade Practices

    The process of obtaining organic Leaf of Life meets the standards of ECOCERT’s Fair Trade certification: fair and adequate salaries, a premium dedicated to a development fund, respect for individuals, and harvester training.

  • Plants for People

    In partnership with Jardins du Monde, founded by ethnobotanist Jean-Pierre Nicolas, the production of organic Leaf of Life—its planting, maintenance, harvesting and leaf drying—is carried out by the local communities of Madirobe and Marovato located in northeastern Madagascar. Fifty-one people are involved in the harvesting process. The association provides health care training and supports the creation of educational medicinal plant gardens in these villages.

  • Long-term Partnership

    Present in Madagascar since 2003, Jardins du Monde helps the most isolated and impoverished communities look after themselves and take control of their development. Clarins, who has worked with the association for 10 years, entrusts it to manage the supply of certified organic, Fair Trade-acquired, Leaf of Life extract for use in our formulas.

textures for
every skin type.


    Hydra-Essentiel Innovation

    Hydra-Essentiel moisturizers come in 4 refreshing textures to accommodate every skin type and climate. Pair it with Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum for the ultimate super-quenching experience.

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    Impact of daily thermic shocks

    Sudden temperature changes, indoor and outdoor pollutants and environmental stress can leave the skin dehydrated. Hydra-Essentiel plumps skin up with moisture—and keeps it there for multi-level protection, comfort and radiance.

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