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Fruit of beauty.

Cosmetic benefit of mango tree stamp
Name: Mango
Latin Name: Mangifera indica
Location: India, China
Type: Tree
Part(s) Used: Fruit Kernel, Leaf
Mango tree on the map
Mango tree in its natural habitat

The secret is in the pit

The Mango is a tree originating from India which is now grown in all tropical countries, mainly for its fruit. The yellow, fibrous flesh of the fruit is delicious, and the pit contains an edible kernel that creates a very rich paste that is used locally to thicken sauces. By pressing this kernel, a plant oil is produced.

Beauty benefits

In cosmetics, Mango oil—rich in omega-9 essential fatty acids—helps protect skin from dehydration, nourishes, and promotes suppleness and comfort. Mango leaf extract helps protect against UV aggressors.

Mango tree in its natural habitat

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