What is the best makeup for green eyes?

Gorgeous eye makeup for green-eyed gals is about the colors that show them off to the best effect. Did you know: Only two percent of people in the world have green eyes? So let’s take a closer look at the best eyeshadow color for green eyes – and other makeup tips and green eye color makeup looks that make the most of those unique orbs!

1. Eyeshadow for green eyes

The eyeshadow palette for green eyes is wide and varied. But there are a few makeup tips that will help you get the most visual appeal out of your makeup for green eyes.

First, keep in mind that there are a number of variations of green eyes – from hazel green eyes and dark green eyes, to blue green eyes and light green eyes. The amount of gold, brown, gray or blue flecks in green eyes will have an effect on the best eyeshadow palette for your particular shade of green.

Light green eyes and blue green eyes are striking – so tone down the color for daywear with shades of neutral brown eyeshadow. Use the brightness of your shade as a guide to the types of browns you use – so lighter and brighter green eyes look best in brown eyeshadow with a warmer hue. Dark green eyes or hazel green eyes look gorgeous in nude eyeshadow, taupe, or a cool brown eyeshadow.

For special occasions or evening wear, try out purples and red eyeshadow, and those on-trend pink eyeshadow looks. The only makeup to avoid is eyeshadow with blue undertones that will tend to dull your green eye color. The rule of thumb for gals with green eyes is to go for shades that won’t compete with your green. So you’re better off avoiding green eyeshadow and blue eyeshadow unless used as an accent color and in a shade that is different to your eye color. This is why the many different shades of purple and red – opposite to green on the color wheel – are the best eyeshadow palette for green eyes. Think plum, violet and lavender, aubergine, wine, claret, and burgundy eyeshadow, and you get the picture.

One of our best eyeshadow ideas is to add a touch of gold eyeshadow, copper or bronze sparkle to the inner or outer corners of the eyes, or the middle of the upper or lower lashes – to bring out the gold flecks in your eyes and make them sparkle!
Keep black eyeliner for evening wear and opt for a brown or dark gray eyeliner for daywear.

A great makeup tip for green-eyed beauties – is to enhance your makeup for green eyes with a peach blush on the cheeks if you have a warm skin tone, or a pinkish blush if you have a cool skin tone. If you have a neutral or medium skin tone – or you look good in both peaches and pinks – coordinate your blush with your eyeshadow palette.

We recommend Clarins 4-Color Eyeshadow Palette. Each palette comes with four intensely pigmented eyeshadows, and has everything needed to prime, shade, line, and define—delivering intense color payoffs with finishes of velvet, satin, foil, and metallic. A 2-in-1 formula enriched with the priming properties of natural Bamboo Powder to keep your look fresh, crease-proof and stay-put. Try 01 fairy tale nude gradation, 03 flame gradation, 04 brown sugar gradation, and 06 midnight gradation.

2. Easy makeup looks for green eyes

We begin with a makeup tutorial for the classic smoky eye but with a metallic twist to show green eyes off to perfection. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle to balance out the drama of the eyes. So a touch of bronzer on the cheekbones, a nude lipstick, and a hint of lip gloss.

Start by covering the area from lash line to brow in a nude eyeshadow that blends well with your natural skin tone. Apply black eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line then add a soft brown eyeshadow to your lid with a soft blending brush. Now draw a wing at the outer corner of the eyes and buff to create the sultry smoky effect. Use your lash curler and apply mascara. We love the rich color pigments and soft bristle brush of Clarins Supra Volume Mascara that creates an intense, full, fanned-out lash look in one quick coat. To complete the smoky eye, add a pop of color to the inner corners of the eyes with a gold eyeshadow.

For daywear, green eyes can always count on soft peaches and browns. Start with a peach eyeshadow on the lid, then add white eyeshadow to your upper lash line and blend well with a soft brush. Apply a gentle brown to the crease and outer corner of the eye in a V-shape. Take this brown eyeshadow along your lower lash line. Finish off by curling your lashes and applying a coat or two or brown mascara.

For a great party look for green eyes using a purple eyeshadow palette, start with a nude eyeshadow as your base. Create your crease and outer-V in a deep matte plum or burgundy eyeshadow and blend. Now add a shimmering plum eyeshadow at the center of your eyelids and line the lower lashes with the same color. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with a lighter eyeshadow. Use a black or dark gray eyeliner like Clarins Waterproof Pencil. This extreme-wear gel eye pencil lines and defines while staying vivid and transfer-proof for hours – and we love the infusion of skin-loving pure plant extracts that deliver rich pigments and a soft glide-on texture. To complete your plum eye makeup look, add natural-looking falsies before curling your lower lashes and adding a slick of mascara.

For more makeup looks that add depth and drama to green eyes, don’t be afraid to try out new eyeshadow colors and techniques. Have fun! Any mistakes can be easily remedied with a good makeup remover.

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