Double Serum: Two Powerful Anti-Aging Serums in One!

#1 Worldwide Bestseller*

Double Serum’s unique, dual texture formula is powered by 21 potent plant extracts—including Turmeric—to address all visible signs of aging.

Discover how the [Hydric + Lipidic] System helps revitalize skin with age-defying results.

*Based on Clarins internal data Jan-Dec 2019.

Scientific innovation.

Clarins’ unique two-phase formula is inspired by the water and oil nature of the skin. The [Hydric + Lipidic] System found in Double Serum is housed in a dual-chamber until dispensed to boost the 5 vital functions for youthful-looking skin: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration and protection.

Tested. Trusted. Recommended.

Women around the world agree—Double Serum is our most powerful age control concentrate ever! With 65 years of anti-aging expertise—Clarins’ universal formula is ideal for people of all ages, all ethnicities and all skin types—even the most sensitive.

After 7 days skin is:

  • Visibly
    smoother* (88%)
  • More
    radiant* (83%)
  • Visibly
    firmer* (74%)

Women love it so much—1 Double Serum is sold every 5 seconds around the world.**

*Satisfaction test - 362 women - 7 days
**Double Serum range - Clarins Internal sales in volume Jan-Dec 2019

It works MIRACLES!


– Ann, North Dakota


Drag the arrow.

Oxygen bubbles

Tailored dose.

Seasons change. So do your skin’s needs.
Double Serum’s adjustable dial pump releases a customized amount of product into your palm—from a tiny drop to a power shot—depending on your skin’s needs, the climate or season.

Powered by plants![21]

Double Serum’s cutting edge formula contains 21 potent plant extracts—in their most optimal concentrations—including Turmeric, known for its exceptional anti-aging benefits.

I’ve been using this serum for almost 8 years now. Can’t live without it!


– Jwang, Virginia


Turmeric, the anti-aging expert!

Bio-inspiration is at the heart of the Double Serum concept. Its double [Hydric + Lipidic] formula mimics the skin’s natural water and oil content—to promote a balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

Turmeric extract, Double Serum’s star anti-aging ingredient, is highly concentrated in turmerone—a molecule that was chosen for its remarkable ability to boost the skin’s 5 vital functions and effectively target all visible signs of skin aging.

Not only does Clarins make our skin beautiful..
It’s helping the world to become a better place too 👍


– @lulla.mala

GIF showing Double Serum packaging
Jardins du Monde pictogram
Hands shown lifting Kalanchoe out of a basket during sustainable harvest process

Good for the skin.
Good for the planet.

Responsible beauty
Double Serum contains 9 organic ingredients and 3 ingredients that are Fair Trade Certified. The purchase of Banana, Ginger Lily and Leaf of Life includes a contribution to help develop the local communities that harvest the plants.

Less waste
Double Serum’s eco-friendly bottle is made from recycled materials, and now requires less packaging. The double pump bottle delivers just the right amount of product for your skin’s needs to prevent overconsumption.

Extra Firming Day/Night Cream with my Double Serum – just as important as my coffee in the morning and my pillow at night.


– @wkeeler


Just add a moisturizer.

Double Serum’s plant-packed formula boosts the performance of Clarins’ anti-aging moisturizers. Morning and night, apply before Multi-Active, Extra-Firming or Super Restorative Creams for unrivaled results.

Anti-aging moisturizers for every concern.



Fights fine lines and the effects of daytime stress

Multi-Active Day Cream with Teasel ingredient

Multi-Active Day Cream

Targets fine lines, antioxidant daily moisturizer


Visibly firms, lifts,
fights wrinkles

Extra-Firming Day Cream with Kangaroo Flower ingredient

Extra-Firming Day Cream

Wrinkle control, firming daily moisturizer

Super Restorative

Replenishes, illuminates and densifies mature skin

Super Restorative Day Cream with Harungana ingredient

Super Restorative Day Cream

Illuminating, lifting and replenishing daily moisturizer

Bought it for me and my mom. We’re both loving it!! I saw results in the first week and was pretty amazed. 😘


– @mariannadmt

This is by far the best my skin has ever looked.


– Msbucks, Arizona

Clarins user holding Double Serum by face
Clarins user dispensing Double Serum into hands
Clarins user holding Double Serum by face
Clarins user holding Double Serum in front of face
Clarins user holding Double Serum in front of face
Clarins Beauty School model Clarins Beauty School model

Learn how to apply Double Serum.