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Explore Clarins’ World of Lip Color!

We understand how attached a woman can get to her favorite lipstick. But if you’ve been using the same type for years, it may be time to change things up. Clarins has created a world of lip color using innovative plant-based formulas that treat and nourish the lips, while offering you a wide array of colors and finishes for every mood, look, and occasion.

Let’s take a quick whirl through Clarins’ world of lip color to help you pick your perfect hue and formula.


Clarins has a long and happy history with classic lipstick—our timeless Joli Rouge in 21 long-wearing lipstick colors, continues to delight with its rich and creamy formula that dresses the lips with vibrant color and a delicate satin finish. There’s a Joli Rouge for every occasion with brilliant lip color, velvet matte lipstick, and lacquer finishes.

Our newest addition to the Joli Rouge range is Joli Rouge Crayon. This next-generation lipstick includes a lip liner and built-in sharpener for hassle-free, on the go lips that look perfect no matter where you are.

Lip oil

If your lip color ambitions include sheer color, shine, and comforting softness—Lip Comfort Oil is the way to go. Based on Clarins’ pioneering face and body oils, the unique fusion formula of our lip oil range includes a powerhouse of rich plant-based active ingredients combined with both classic colors and the latest on-trend shades.

Lip gloss

If you thought lip gloss was for teenagers only, think again! Moist, youthful-looking lips not only look gorgeous on every woman no matter what her stage of life—Clarins’ skincare expertise ensures that they also nourish the lips and feel great too!

Our wide range of glosses include My Clarins LOVELY GLOSS high-shine & smoothing gloss in two shades of pink and peach, leave behind the just-there scent of peachiness that is sure to put a smile on your face! The rich melting cream texture of Natural Lip Perfector delivers instant 3D shine and a sheer finish while also visibly plumping and smoothing the lips with Shea Butter, enriched with Vitamin F.

Lip stain

Water Lip Stain gives you the option to build your own color intensity by applying multiple coats. Whether you want to keep it soft or dial up the drama—each lip stain is infused with Raspberry water and Aloe Vera so lips are visibly soft and hydrated, and feel incredibly comfortable.

Lip balm

At Clarins, it’s always our aim to help you optimally care for your skin, and our lip colors are no different. Our best lip balm and color combination—My Clarins SWEETY BALM color reveal lip balm—is rich in organic Cacao Butter to visibly soften and nourish the lips while reacting to the pH of your lips to reveal your very own personal shade of rose!

Lip liner

Whether you choose one of our best lip stains, a classic lipstick, or oil—Clarins lip liner helps you achieve your best lip line while delivering a bouquet of benefits to the lips. Precision tips make clean, professional-looking lines easy, and each comfortable non-drying formula is rich in lip-loving Jojoba Oil.

We know there’s always more to learn about skincare and makeup choices, and how these can benefit your skin and enhance your best features. For answers to all your most pressing questions, take a look at our expert beauty advice to achieve flawless-looking makeup and beautiful skin.