What is the best makeup for brown eyes?

Sumptuous eye makeup for brown eyes is all about an eyeshadow that shows them off to full effect. The neutral tones of brown – whether light, dark, hazel or amber – give you many eye makeup looks to play with. So let’s look at the best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes and eyeshadow ideas to bring out the depth of brown.

1. Best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes but aren’t sure which colors help make them stand out, then we have good news: Unleash your creativity, because you can wear almost any eyeshadow color you like! You can experiment with dark shades for an ultra-glamorous, intense look, or play around with bright pink eyeshadow looks, blues, greens or oranges for eyes that pop.

There are a few makeup tips for getting the most out of your eyeshadow palette for brown eyes. Avoid using black eyeshadow or the darker grays on dark brown eyes which can make dark brown eyes ‘disappear’. Stick to lighter shades of brown eyeshadow unless you have light brown eyes or hazel brown eyes.

Use a cool eyeshadow palette to create drama – so blue, green, or yellow eyeshadow. And a warm eyeshadow palette to bring out the depth and warmth of brown eyes. Keep the metallic and glitter eyeshadows for evening or special occasions and opt for a softer matte finish or just a bit of glimmer for daywear.

The easiest way to decide if an eyeshadow palette will suit you is to consider your skin tone. If your skin has yellow or golden undertones, and you tan easily and look fabulous in gold jewelry – you have a warm skin tone. A warm skin tone is complemented by deep red eyeshadow, gold eyeshadow, deeper burgundy shades, and the warm hues of bronze, copper or terracotta orange eyeshadow. You have a neutral or medium skin tone if you look good in both silver and gold jewelry, and your skin color doesn’t seem to clash with any color. This means you have a wider choice of eyeshadow colors, but if your skin tone is the cooler side of neutral, avoid silver or nude eyeshadows that can give you an overall washed-out look.

Each Clarins 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette comes with four intensely pigmented eyeshadows, and has everything needed to prime, shade, line, and define—delivering intense color payoffs with finishes of velvet, satin, foil, and metallic. A 2-in-1 formula enriched with the priming properties of natural Bamboo Powder to keep your look fresh, crease-proof and stay-put. Mix and blend for your desired effect. The best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes are – 01 fairy tale nude gradation, 02 rosewood gradation, 03 flame gradation, 05 jade gradation, and 06 midnight gradation.

2. Makeup looks for brown eyes

To recreate the timeless smoky eye for brown eyes, begin with an eyeshadow base first. Cover the eye area from lash line to brow with a color that closely matches the natural color of your lids. Now apply a warm brown eyeshadow to the crease of the eye and blend well. This means the color will lighten as it gets nearer to the brow. Use an orange-brown eyeshadow or deep burgundy eyeshadow in the crease. Next, cover the lid with black or charcoal eyeshadow. Add a touch of the lightest color in your palette to your brow arch and blend well. For a pop of color – line the inner corners of the eyes with gold eyeshadow. Line your upper and lower lash line with black eyeliner and finish off your dramatic makeup look with a coat or two of black mascara.

We love Clarins Supra Volume Mascara. This double-volume effect mascara is formulated to create an intense, full, fanned-out lash look in one quick coat. The gentle formula is enriched with Cassie Flower and Panthenol to visibly thicken lashes for a full, yet flexible effect. Rich color pigments and a soft-bristle brush create clump-free, long-wearing double volume lashes.

Another look we just love that’s perfect for spring, the fall, or any day in between is the copper with a touch of green eye makeup look. Here’s how to apply one of the best eyeshadow palettes for brown eyes – and it works for dark, light and hazel brown eyes too.

Start by applying a base color to the eye crease with a soft eyeshadow brush. Use a smaller blending brush to add peachy brown eyeshadow into the crease. Apply a darker brown eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye. Then add glitter eyeshadow in bronze or copper to the center of your lid with your finger or an eyeshadow brush. Apply highlighter to the brow bone. Next, smooth a light green eyeshadow under your lower lash line and blend with a clean brush. Line your waterline with black eyeliner and dot some glitter eyeshadow in the middle of the lower lash line. Now you’re ready to draw in your black liquid eyeliner and complete the look with mascara.

An easy makeup look with bold, dark blue eyeshadow that’s sure to flatter brown eyes of every hue, involves shading the crease with a touch of soft gray and highlighting the brow arch. Now blend blue eyeshadow across the lid and under the lower lashes – building color until you have the desired intensity. To contrast the warmth of brown eyes, add a turquoise glitter highlight to the inner corners of the eyes for a special pop of color! To notch up the intensity of this eyeshadow idea, use an eyeliner in gorgeous blue. We recommend Clarins Waterproof Pencil in 07 blue lily. This waterproof, extreme-wear gel eye pencil lines and defines in high-intensity hues that stay vivid and transfer-proof for hours. Infused with skin-loving pure plant extracts – the rich pigments and soft texture glides on effortlessly, delivering a fluid line and an immediate, intense color payoff. The eyeliner’s sleek design assures precision control and includes a fine retractable tip for structured lining, a built-in sharpener, and a smudger for creating your favorite eye makeup looks.

All that’s needed now to finish off gorgeous eyes is a touch of lip gloss or a burst of bright lipstick. If you’d like more easy makeup looks, or you want to learn more about how to apply liquid eyeliner, perhaps you’re not sure about how to apply mascara – you can find some great makeup tutorials online to get those creative juices flowing!

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