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Face Skincare the Natural, Plant-Based Way

Every woman knows that beautiful skin has the power to boost confidence and promote their wellbeing and happiness. And it’s true, a simple skincare routine can go a long way! Clarins double effect facial skincare products include the purity of natural plant-based products to reveal the beauty of your skin — along with sensorial textures and natural fragrances that weave a sense of care and wellbeing into every beauty routine.

Start with gentle cleansers and toners

Through the ages, iconic beauties such as Cleopatra and the Roman Empresses have used botanical ingredients for face care. Clarins facial cleansers combine the art of plant extracts with advanced skincare science to benefit your skin by:

  1. Cleansing away dead surface cells, makeup, excess oil, bacteria, and pore-clogging debris.
  2. Prepping skin to receive the full benefits of the products to follow.

Clarins has the best toner for all skin types. You should always finish off your cleansing routine with a gentle, alcohol-free toner to remove every last trace of cleanser.

Eye care for every woman

The best skincare routine always includes eye care! Looking after the delicate skin around the eyes — from eyebrow to cheekbone — is the next important step in caring for your face the Clarins way. Whether you’ve just hit the Big 3-0, you’re powering through your Still Flawless 40s, or you’re a 50+ Classic Beauty, Clarins has an eye care product that’s just right for you.

Power up with a Clarins serum

Now your skin is ready to benefit from a targeted, problem-solving serum! Our face serums use a range of botanicals, sourced from around the world to deliver a concentration of ingredients that amplify the benefits of your moisturizer. It’s a simple but highly effective way to target your specific skin concerns!

Never skimp on moisturizer

A good moisturizer is the secret to beautiful skin! It’s an essential aspect of skincare for sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, and everything else in between. Clarins brings you some of the best hydrating face creams designed to deliver plant extracts in optimal concentrations to reveal the natural beauty of your skin. Your skin has different needs during the day than it does when you sleep, so have one moisturizer on hand for the morning, and use another before bed.

Clarins’ treatment oils for the face

Did you know that essential oils are one of the most deliciously aromatic and effective skin treatments for the face? Believe it or not, they are also essential in the best skincare for oily skin! Clarins Face Treatment Oils are made from 100 percent natural plant extracts. Ingredients like blue orchid, hazelnut, patchouli, lavender, and sandalwood are the latest elements to help you address your skincare concerns, from dryness and fine lines to enlarged pores and oily skin.

Gentle exfoliators and hardworking masks

No facial skincare routine is complete without the regular use of exfoliators and masks. Clarins’ facial products for women use natural exfoliating plant-based formulas that will never damage your skin or strip it of its natural oils. Our face masks are the extra TLC your skin needs to see you through your 20s and into the wonderful golden years.

Don’t forget beautiful lips!

Nothing says gorgeous skin like soft, naturally rosy lips — so include lip care as part of your daily routine. Clarins has you covered with our luxurious melting formula that’s super-quenching for the best pout in town!