What night skin care steps does Clarins recommend?

Did you know that your skin regenerates while you sleep? The best night creams deliver all the hydrating and protective benefits of your daytime face cream but with an additional boost. When you wake up, skin is visibly renewed and your complexion radiant-looking. You’re ready to face the day!

1. Night cream skin care by Clarins

If you have the habit of going to bed without first applying a night cream – you’re missing an important step in your skin care regimen. Why? Because while you sleep, your skin’s regenerative powers kick into high gear – replacing damaged or dead skin cells with new ones. And while you’re perfectly relaxed and getting your zees, a night cream can fully concentrate on helping replenish your skin without having to deal with stress, UV rays, and pollution. In other words, your night cream – whether you’re using an anti-aging night cream or a face moisturizer – is the most targeted part of your skin care routine. An optimum skin care opportunity you don’t want to miss!

For example, Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream zeroes in on the appearance of fine lines while you sleep and visibly revitalizes and tones skin that has been stressed during the day. Even after a late night here and there – your skin appears toned, rested and refreshed by morning. Enough to give nighttime skin care products pride of place in the medicine cabinet.

2. A night cream to suit all skin types

The best night creams are not just for dry skin. If you have normal or oily skin, you might think that a face moisturizer isn't a necessary part of your skin care routine. This isn’t the case. Without enough moisture, oil glands work overtime to keep skin from drying out and this can lead to blemishes and clogged pores. Clarins night creams offer solutions for every skin type.

If you’re not sure which face cream to use – choose a night cream based on your day cream. Clarins skin care sets, when used in tandem, form an extremely powerful duo that can enhance the benefits of both skin care products.

Normal to combination skin will benefit from using Multi-Active Night Cream Skin. This nourishing anti-aging cream harnesses the plant power of Encapsulated Teasel extract to deliver revitalizing action to where your skin needs it most. Ginger Lily extract helps address signs of late nights and interrupted sleep, visibly smoothing fine lines while leaving skin moisturized, nourished and comforted.

Normal to dry skin, as well as sensitive skin, will love the moisturizing and quenching Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal to Dry Skin. Considered the best night cream for dry skin, it helps to visibly plump thirsty skin with precious moisture – and keeps it feeling comfortable – for all-day hydration. The luxurious silky cream helps to shield skin from the dehydrating effects of daily thermic shocks that can leave skin looking dry and weathered: sudden temperature changes, indoor and outdoor pollutants, and environmental stress. A best friend to thirsty skin – Organic leaf of life extract (a succulent plant that enhances the skin’s ability to retain precious moisture) – leaves skin feeling comfortable, radiant-looking and perfectly hydrated.

3. How to apply your best skin care products at night

At Clarins, it’s not enough to formulate the best night cream products. We’ve created an application method adapted to make the most out of their effectiveness based on our knowledge of skin: easy expert techniques to repeat at home. Here’s how to master Clarins Methods. You can also watch our How to Apply Night Cream online tutorial.

  1. Bring your night cream to skin temperature by warming between your palms, so that your skin accepts it instantly.

  2. Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute evenly over your face and neck.

  3. Use Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method to enhance circulation, revive radiance and promote healthy-looking skin. Repeat: three times on the cheeks, three times on the forehead, and five times on the neck and décolleté.

Our Expert’s Tip: “Optimize the benefits of each formula by breathing in the scent before applying.” Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins

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