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Caring for your Skin year-round with Clarins Sun Protection

Daily use of sunscreen for the face should be an important part of your beauty routine all year long. While we’re most familiar with the effects of the sun’s short-wave UVB rays that cause red, stinging sunburn in the superficial layers of the skin, 95% of the light that reaches our skin is made up of UVA rays that have a long wavelength, which means they can penetrate deeper into the skin.

These rays are present even when there isn’t any sunshine. So UVA has an effect on our skin all year round, even when it’s cloudy or snowing. UVA rays can also penetrate window glass, which means you are exposed to harmful rays even during your drive to work!

When you use a sunblock — along with other measures like wearing protective clothing and staying in the shade where possible — you can decrease your risk of visible signs of early skin aging.

Keep this in mind before picking a sunblock

While an SPF sun protection cream works to partially prevent UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin by either absorbing, scattering, or reflecting some of the light, it should always be kept in mind that even the best sunscreen for the face is never an impenetrable shield against UV radiation. Over-exposure to the sun will cause damage no matter how good the product may be. So, when possible, stay out of the sun at the hottest times of the day, and wear a hat, sunglasses, UV resistant bathing suit, and cover up with clothes.

Clarins daily sun care solutions

UV PLUS Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is a luxuriously silky, oil-free lotion that is perfect to use for all skin types and a pleasure to use no matter what the weather. The sunscreen that’s gentle enough even for sensitive skin, is formulated with Sanicle — a plant that grows in Europe in the spring and is known for its ability to help protect skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. To get the most benefit from your UV protection sunscreen, apply to your face and neck every morning after moisturizing.

If you are all about shaving a minute or two off your morning skincare routine, opt for Clarins UV 50 Sunscreen Multi-Protection Tint for extra coverage when you need it most. The tinted sunscreen helps minimize the appearance of pigmentation using two skin-perfecting tints: Light and Medium. Tinted sunscreen is a great way to achieve lightweight coverage that stays true all through the day.

For more information about sun care — from choosing the best sun protection level to achieving a golden glow year-round with Clarins' tanning sunscreen products — read our Beauty FAQs for all you need to know to protect and to glow!