How do I choose the right foundation? Pick the perfect foundation based on color, coverage, and more

With a never-ending range of shades, properties, formulas, and types of foundation, it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. Everyone is on a quest to find the perfect foundation for flawless skin. Here are some tips from Clarins to find the perfect fit for you.

With the vast array of foundation products in the beauty industry, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best coverage foundation for your skin. There are different finishes, shades, coverages, and types of foundation to choose from, which makes it entirely customizable but also quite tricky. Makeup foundation is undoubtedly one of the toughest makeup products to get right.

Ultimately, you want to invest in a foundation that appears to be your own skin without the natural blemishes and uneven skin tone. Finding the correct foundation is especially tricky in stores where you literally have thousands of products to choose from, and mirrors so small they seem to belong in the shire rather than a cosmetic aisle.

While shade is the main concern when looking for a foundation, don’t forget that an awkwardly colored face shouldn’t be your only concern. When looking for a foundation, remember to look for the best foundation for your skin type, and consider the finish, texture, and type of foundation that you are buying.

1. Find the perfect shade of foundation

Most people test the shade of their foundation on either the outside or inside of their forearms. While this is convenient, it’s not the most effective way to check if the shade is going to suit your skin tone. If the cosmetic store has a skin tone chart, use it to check out what skin tone you fall under. You could have an olive skin tone, even skin tone, cool skin tone, fair skin tone, medium skin tone, and almost everything in between.

When choosing your foundation shade, rather opt for swatching on the side of your face. The outside of your forearm is going to be a lot darker than the skin on your face because it sees the sun more often, and the inside of your forearm is bound to be much lighter due to less sun exposure.

If possible, it’s always better to test foundation somewhere towards the center of your face, then blend it out to the area where your hair meets your face. If your neck is much paler than your face, go for a shade of foundation that is a little lighter than your face, as you can always pop on a little bronzer.

2. Think about your undertones

When learning how to apply foundation, you would have learned about undertones, and unless you want to spend an awfully long time on color-correction, it’s best to consider it before you buy foundation makeup. If you have a warm skin tone, go with a foundation that has a slight yellow tone in it. On the other hand, cool skin tones should go for a foundation with a warm undertone like pink.

It’s also okay if you want to buy a foundation that is simply neutral - to be safe. It’s easier to match with different skin tones and with different outfits and times of the day.

3. Super sheer to full coverage

There is a range of coverage to choose from when buying a foundation. What you get is totally dependent on your skin and personal preference. The best full coverage foundation is thick and quite heavy and is more suited to those with discoloration or acne issues. Full coverage is also ideal if you’re looking for a foundation that lasts the whole day and doesn’t need touch-ups.

If you don’t wear much makeup and are going for the nude look, then a full coverage foundation is going to feel too heavy. Understanding the level of coverage you are going to need is essential to finding the best makeup foundation for your skin.

If you aren’t sure, we advise going for a lighter coverage foundation as these are easy to add onto and build a thicker coverage if need be.

4. Skin type

It’s important to consider your skin type before buying a new foundation. Take into account whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or are prone to acne before choosing the best foundation for you. Dewy foundations are the best foundation for dry skin or normal skin types. This kind of foundation is moisturizing and this skin type doesn’t have the propensity to shine too much.

On the other hand, the matte foundation is the best foundation for oily skin and the best foundation for combination skin too. Matte is thicker but less oily than other foundations, which could make these skin types irritated or prone to pimples.

Avoid matte foundation if you are looking for the best foundation for mature skin. Matte has the propensity to emphasize deep wrinkles, even if you could get away with it, you should consider another foundation for more mature skin.

5. Aim for perfection

The best foundation for you is entirely dependent on everything we mentioned above, as well as any blemishes you want to cover, and what look you are going for when you are doing your makeup. This may vary according to season and occasion, so it’s always best to have more than one kind of foundation to choose from.

If you are looking for a flawless finish that makes your skin radiant but still results in the ultra-nude look, our Skin Illusion Foundation is the ideal product. This is our first serum foundation that is made of pure plant oils and the perfect pigment amount for ultimate breathability. It creates a super-flawless, smooth skin look that is perfect for the natural makeup look. With Clarins’ HD Light Optimizing complex—containing pink pearls and soft-focus powders—it provides an instantaneous skin radiance. For soft-looking skin, we’ve added Mary’s Thistle Oil and Organic Leaf of Life for hydration.

For medium, buildable coverage and a radiant matte finish, try out our Everlasting Foundation for up to 18 hours of wear. Bamboo Powders visibly mattify to deliver a flawless finish, while the hydrating formula leaves skin looking supple and smooth.

6. After-Makeup Care

Don’t forget that it’s super important to remove your makeup before you go to bed. Use a gentle face wash or face cleanser to remove every vestige of makeup off your face. After cleansing, ensure that you use an alcohol-free toner. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

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