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Achieving flawless, radiant skin with face foundation

Clarins foundation makeup does so much more than define the beauty of your face. It has skincare benefits built right in, to leave you looking radiant and flawless. So, dial back tired lackluster skin, conceal imperfections in seconds, and turn up the glow! Clarins face foundations allow you to be you, only better.

Are there benefits to wearing a foundation cream?

Oh, yes! Gone are the days of heavy, wax-based pancake foundations that covered blemishes but left the skin in a less than ideal condition. The best modern foundations deliver excellent coverage while being light enough to allow the skin to breathe and express its very own unique skin tone. Your skin is better than it was before – even after you’ve taken off your foundation.

Clarins foundations take skincare a step farther, using the success of its legendary Face Treatment Oils as inspiration for Skin Illusion Foundation. This is Clarins’ first serum foundation that combines the fluidity of pure plant oils with the perfect amount of pigments that let your skin breathe. Red Jania reveals a luminous complexion while Mary's Thistle Oil softens the skin, and organic Leaf of Life extract hydrates for 24 hours. As if that wasn’t enough – Clarins’ HD Light Optimizing complex—with pink pearls and soft focus powders—delivers immediate radiance for those days when mother nature could do with a bit of help!

How do I know which foundation will suit my skin type?

Where it’s playtime with makeup colors and texture, choosing a foundation that’s just right for your skin type requires some precision. Clarins has made this process fun and easy with treatment foundations and a variety of colors to bring out the best in your complexion.

Oily skin types benefit from an ultra-fine foundation that delivers long-lasting coverage – resisting heat, humidity and perspiration for a flawless, shine-free, matte finish that lasts throughout the day.

Thirsty skin, on the other hand, craves a moisture-rich foundation that delivers buildable, long-wearing coverage while hydrating the skin. A lightweight serum foundation like Skin Illusion hydrates skin for 24 hours* while helping to shield against environmental pollutants with Clarins’ exclusive Anti-Pollution Complex.

Can I wear foundation without first applying a moisturizer?

Moisturizer is the perfect start to your makeup routine. Skin that is clean and moisturized prevents foundation from sliding off oily skin and helps foundation to glide easily onto dry skin.

For a moisture boost or to achieve an ultra-sheer finish, mix a drop of moisturizer with your foundation in the palm of your hand – great over your sunscreen before heading for the beach. If you’re after a flawless complexion or it’s important that your foundation performs for 24 hours, apply a primer after your moisturizer and before your foundation.

Do I apply concealer before or after my foundation?

It’s best to apply concealer after you’ve put on your foundation. Once your foundation is in place you’ll be able to see exactly where you need additional coverage or brightness, and your concealer won’t rub off while you’re applying foundation.

How to apply face foundation

Foundation can be applied in different ways, taking into consideration the foundation’s texture and your personal preferences. This could include a sponge and brush, or using your fingers when applying a liquid foundation – Clarins How to Apply Your Skin Illusion Foundation video, shows you in three simple steps, how you can achieve a flawless nude finish in just a matter of seconds.

Once applied, you can gently pat your face, using the warmth and weight of your hands to set your foundation for a perfect result in seconds. You can also use a light and refreshing mist like Fix’ Make-Up to set makeup and give a longer-lasting hold. Enriched with aloe vera and allantoin, it instantly moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Keep in mind, that whichever method you choose, the objective is to even out the complexion for a flawless effect and skin that is comfortable and radiant no matter how busy your day.