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Keep your Makeup Looking Fresh for Longer with a Setting Spray

Every makeup look is as unique as the woman who created it. The effect you choose says a lot about you, where you’re headed, and how you feel on a particular day. As the author of your mood and look, give your makeup the chance to live happily ever after —or at least until you choose to take it off—by using Clarins’ best setting spray to keep each component in place and treat your skin with nourishing kindness in the process.

What does setting spray do?

A makeup setting spray is the equivalent of a hair setting product—and like the best hair care products, your look should go the distance while still leaving skin visibly soft, supple, and radiant-looking.

Just as prepping the skin with a primer for impeccable makeup application has become part of modern makeup routines—a fixing spray is the best way to finish your makeup application for long-lasting perfection.

If you are new to makeup or want to try a new look—read our Beauty FAQ: What is the best way to apply my makeup?

Set makeup, care for skin

Clarins’ best makeup setting spray gives you long-lasting makeup wear, while moisturizing skin and locking out pollutants.

Refreshing Fix’ Make-Up is a light, dewy setting spray that sets makeup and gives a longer-lasting hold, with more benefits in store for your skin.

Enriched with Aloe Vera and Allantoin, the skin’s appearance is instantly moisturized and soothed. The invigorating scents of Grapefruit Extract and Organic Rosewater are a treat for the senses—a refreshing way to start the day with a simple, easy step for long-wearing makeup. Enriched with Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex, it gives your skin a fighting chance against the possible effects of pollution and free radicals.

The lightweight, oil-free setting spray is never sticky—even in the face of heat and humidity—so makeup looks just-applied from morning till night.

Clarins’ passion for plant powered cosmetics

Clarins has always been passionate about using the best plant-based ingredients in our cosmetics. While our makeup products deliver intense color or a flawless complexion, plant-science skincare is built into each advanced formula so makeup is always comfortable to wear and improves skin’s appearance with every application.

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