What's the best makeup for blue eyes?

Gorgeous eye makeup for blue eyes, is all about the eyeshadow colors that show them off to best effect. Our first tip: Contrary to popular belief, blue eyeshadow isn't always the best choice. Let’s take a closer look at the best eyeshadow palette for blue eyes – and other makeup tips and eye makeup looks to make those baby blues pop!

1. Eyeshadow colors for blue eyes

It doesn’t matter if they’re baby blue or cornflower blue, sky or Caribbean blue – blue eyes tend to go with a cool skin tone, fair skin tone or a medium skin tone. To warm those cool blue eyes, you’ll want to choose an eye makeup look that incorporates orange tones. The orange eyeshadow color wheel goes from pumpkin orange all the way through coral, copper, and bronze. But blue eyes also look good dressed in the cooler tones or navy blue, turquoise, and silvery gray.

Each Clarins 4-Color Eyeshadow Palette comes with four intensely pigmented eyeshadows, and has everything needed to prime, shade, line, and define—delivering intense color payoffs with finishes of velvet, satin, foil, and metallic. A 2-in-1 formula enriched with the priming properties of natural Bamboo Powder to keep your look fresh, crease-proof and stay-put. The eyeshadow palette we’d recommend for blue eye makeup looks is – 01 fairy tale nude gradation, 03 flame gradation, and 06 midnight gradation.

For softer daywear, opt for a light taupe shade or nude eyeshadow if you have a fair or cool skin tone or a warmer shade of light brown eyeshadow to compliment a medium skin tone. Use the same guidelines for a special occasion or nighttime eyeshadow ideas. Stick with the cooler shades of orange eyeshadow for cool skin tones – think peachy-pink eyeshadow looks, coral, and silver. For a medium skin tone, opt for copper, bronze, and burnt orange.

2. Eye makeup looks for blue eyes

If your best makeup look is the classic smoky eye – instead of using black eyeshadow that can overpower blue eyes, switch up your black for a more flattering brown eyeshadow instead. Blend shades of beige, bronze, and chocolate across your lids, and complete with dark brown eyeliner and two coats of black mascara. We recommend Supra Volume Mascara – a double volume effect mascara for an intense, full, fanned-out lash look. The gentle formula is enriched with Cassie Flower and Panthenol to visibly thicken and smooth lashes. How to apply mascara? Starting as close to the lash line as possible, move the mascara brush from side to side in a zigzag motion – working your way towards the tips of the lashes.

So you just can’t get enough of blue? Choose a shimmering navy blue for a dramatic evening eye makeup look. Apply to your lids and along your lower lash line. For a more subtle look, opt for a soft pastel blue shade with gray undertones – so long as the color you choose is lighter than your natural eye color.

Pulling off those feminine pink eyeshadow looks is all about selecting the right tone for your eye color. For blue eyes, avoid using light and cool pastel pinks – these draw attention to redness and can make you look tired. Instead, choose a warm pink tone like coral – which is not only flattering for blue-eyed beauties – it’s also stylishly modern and bang on trend!

Another blue eye makeup color hitting the catwalks is terracotta. The warmth of this earthy orange shade is the quickest way to make blue eyes stand out. Remember, blue and orange are on opposite sides of the color wheel for maximum contrast. You can deepen the effects of terracotta eyeshadow on blue eyes by adding a touch of gold eyeshadow to the middle of the lid and finishing with brown mascara and eyeliner. Try Clarins Waterproof Pencil in 02 Chestnut. This extreme-wear gel eyeliner pencil is infused with skin-loving pure plant extracts. The rich pigments and soft texture glides on effortlessly delivering a fluid line and an immediate, intense color boost. The pencil’s sleek design includes a fine retractable tip for structured lining, a built-in sharpener, and a smudger for blending.

Copper is another color you’ll want to include in your eye makeup for blue eyes. Intensely beautiful copper shades can be blended with orange or worn on their own to set blue eyes ablaze. Again, avoid black eyeliner and opt for a brown eyeliner instead. Another gorgeous eyeshadow color for blue eyes is burgundy. Think lilac, amethyst, and royal purple to accentuate your blue – and use a burgundy eyeshadow as well as eyeliner.

How to apply eyeshadow? Once you’ve primed the lids with your eyeshadow primer, use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply a neutral matte base color. Next, apply your eyeshadow, keeping darker tones to the outer half of the eye and the crease. Complete with a dot of cream highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes to add brightness.

For more information on topics like how to apply eyeshadow or how to apply liquid eyeliner, have a look online for makeup tutorials that take you through the steps and will have you painting, drawing, and blending like a pro in no time at all.

The general rule for finishing off your best makeup looks with lip color is to opt for a light lipstick or lip gloss to contrast intense eyes, and turning up the color intensity on the lips to balance those lighter eye makeup looks.

Then again, rules were made to be broken and the joy of makeup is its potential for self-expression. So, go ahead – have fun and make Clarins’ color ideas your own.

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