What is the best mascara for me?

There’s a lot of mascaras to choose from! Are you unsure about what you should buy for your eyelashes? Finding the best mascara depends on a number of factors and we’re here to help you on your quest to find the perfect mascara for your makeup look.

Mascara is the be-all and end-all of the eye makeup world. With it, you can give yourself a variety of looks: from wide-eyed and innocent to dark and sultry. Without it, you are faced with the prospect of an incomplete makeup look at best, and like you have no eyelashes at worst.

The journey to achieving thick, voluminous, and long eyelashes can be an overwhelming one. The huge variety of colors, wand shapes, formulas, brands, and effects can make finding the best mascara complicated and time-consuming.

But, if you get your mascara choice right, then there will be no looking back.

Just like the rest of the skin care products that you use in your makeup routine, it’s essential that you find the mascara that suits your specific needs which will complement any of the looks that you are going for, no matter how varied they may be.

1. Get the color right

One of the first choices that you should make when choosing mascara is getting the right one for your eye color. For example, if you have blue eyes, then a blue or black mascara will be perfect to make them pop. However, if you have green eyes, then try a brown, plum or purple tone for fun and fabulous eye makeup. If you’ve got brown eyes, then you’ve got the universal receiver of eye makeup: brown eyes allow you to wear any color of mascara without it clashing with your eyes.

Don’t forget about your skin tone either. Your entire eye makeup palette should be decided with your skin tone in mind. Olive skin tone - your eyeshadow colors should stick to the bronze and gold range. If you have a warm skin tone then seek out olive, bronze, yellow, and gold colors. A cool skin tone is best suited to grey, metallic shades, purples, and blues. Honey, peach, understated orange, and matte red will work well if you have a fair skin tone.

2. The size of your wand really does matter

The stick or “wand” of your mascara will make a world of difference when it comes to achieving the look that you want. Wands come in all different shapes and sizes. How much product it applies, how thick and full it makes your lashes, and how it finishes your look is all linked to the type of wand that you use.

  • Thick/full wands: Thick or full wands mean voluminous mascara. A bigger wand will ensure that more product gets onto your lashes and this means that you’ll get more volume. Thick wands deposit most of the product at the base of your lashes and you’ll build the fullness of your eyelashes with every stroke. A thick wand is the best mascara for volume.

  • Skinny wands: If you’re looking for the best lengthening mascara then you’re going to want to go for a skinny wand. Instead of depositing product at the base of your eyelashes like a thick wand, skinny sticks apply the same amount of product to your entire lash. With an even coat from bottom to tip, your eyelashes will look naturally longer than they are.

  • Curved wands: If you’re wondering what is the best mascara for curling your lashes, then you’re going to want to go for a curved wand. They have an arc that mimics the natural shape of your lashes. Use the wand and gently wiggle it mid-stroke to make sure every lash is coated and encouraged upwards.

  • Tapered wands: If you want an eyelash lift with volume and definition, then try to buy a tapered wand. These are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the tip, which makes it great at plumping your lashes while separating them too. These wands also make doing your bottom lashes a walk in the park.

  • Ball-tipped wands: Whether you’re going for a natural makeup look or dramatic eye makeup look, a ball-tipped wand can give you the results you’re after. They are the best mascara wands for definition and their unique shape means that you can customize your look and easily get to those hard-to-reach lashes.

  • Hour-glass wands: One of the primary uses of mascara is to make our eyes seem brighter and wider. No wand does this better than an hour-glass wand. It has a U-shaped brush that reaches the outside corners of your eyelashes, then pulls them up and outwards. This means lots of volume and definition on the outer parts of your eyelashes, which will make your eyes seem wide and bright.

  • Corkscrew wands: Eyelash lifts are the name of the game when it comes to corkscrew wands. The shape means that it hits three different lash spots every time you stroke. It’s best to jiggle the wand from side to side during each stroke to make sure you’ve covered every lash.

  • Comb wands: If you want your eyelashes to look thick and full, then grab a comb wand. The fine bristles reach every little lash and then ensure that they are separated and coated individually. This is an excellent wand choice for those with sparse eyelashes.

3. Best mascara for the right effect

Whether you are watching a makeup tutorial or simply doing your own thing, deciding on the effect of your makeup looks is an essential aspect of learning how to apply eye makeup.

You have to know what effect you are looking for before you decide on the best mascara. If your lashes are short, and you’re looking for accentuation, volume, curve, and definition all in one go, then try our Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D. It’s an all-in-one formula that lengthens, curls, defines and volumizes your lashes for a bright-eyed, striking look. Filled with carbon-black mineral pigments and Rose Wax for intense color pay-off and long-lasting hold. Looking to get this 4D makeup result with a waterproof mascara that resists humidity, sweat, and watery eyes? Try our Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof⁠—formulated with Blue Lotus Wax to form a flexible, waterproof film that locks onto each lash. Both Wonder Perfect 4D Mascaras contain lash-boosting ingredients that ensure your lashes are thicker and longer-looking even once the mascara has been removed.

If you’re looking to simply boost your lashes quickly into a gorgeous gaze, then try Clarins Supra Volume Mascara for striking results in just a few strokes. You’ll notice that your lashes look thicker and more intense in no time at all.

Whether you’re looking for length, curve, or volume, Clarins has the perfect mascara for you. Choose from our range of high-quality, long-lasting mascaras. You’ll find the best smudge-proof mascara for all kinds of makeup looks.

4. Don’t forget about the rest of your makeup

While we truly believe that mascara is the belle of the ball, it’s important that you never underestimate the power of the rest of your makeup.

If you still notice blemishes after you’ve applied your foundation, then dab on a little Instant Concealer to hide spots. Do your eyeshadow, blush, and lips in the look that you want to achieve. Don’t forget to add a Waterproof Pencil liner for a dramatic finish to your eye makeup routine.

Last but not least, always remember to remove your makeup and keep your skin hydrated with a gentle, revitalizing product like Clarins Multi-Active Eye Cream.

Whether you’re looking for the best mascara for sensitive eyes or one that is going to give you the best volume, Clarins has the perfect mascara for you.

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