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Advanced Body Contouring Formulas to Aid Skin’s Firm & Youthful Appearance

Skin can lose its firm and youthful appearance for many reasons. These include pregnancy, weight gain or loss, hormone changes, and aging. But there are ways to improve the firm look of your skin with a Clarins’ targeted body contouring routine.

So, what is body contouring and how do you pick the product that will give you the best results? We’ll jump right in to answer your questions.

Your tailored body firming solution

Skin loses its firm appearance when the collagen fibers that once kept the tissue firm are altered. This can happen over time or suddenly in the case of weight gain or pregnancy. Often, the overall appearance of the body can be improved when using the best body firming creams which help the skin appear firmer.

Targer the appearance of fat and cellulite

Ready to target areas of the body that are prone to stubborn fat? Body Shaping Cream draws on the highly-effective natural plant extracts of Poppy and organic Quince to visibly firm and define skin’s appearance while Hibiscus Flower acids give skin a smooth and refined look. The texture of this powerful body firming cream melts luxuriously when in contact with skin’s heat — making it a treat for body massage!

Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert is a highly-effective aid that targets cellulite. Powered by no fewer than eight targeted plant extracts—including organic Quince Leaf—this cellulite-targeting cream is your personal trainer in a bottle as you power towards visibly firmer and streamlined-looking thighs and hips. You’ll find that the cream-gel texture of this addictively refreshing cellulite-fighting cream absorbs easily into the skin and goes to work instantly on visibly soothing and smoothing its surface.

Contour Body Treatment Oil not only helps to tone and visibly reduce signs of sponginess — your senses will also benefit from a mini home-spa experience thanks to the 100% plant extracts used to formulate this body contouring oil — inspired by Clarins’ legacy treatment oils. Forget dense, sticky oils and creams — this fine, lightweight formula is instantly absorbed and will never stain your clothes.

Fight back against aging skin

Just as we use age-specific moisturizer for facial skin, the skin on our bodies can benefit equally from a targeted body firming cream.

Clarins has created a nourishing anti-aging body cream using natural plant extracts of Lemon Thyme, Centella Asiatica, and Bocoa, to target slackened skin and promote supple, youthful-looking skin. In addition, Extra-Firming Body Cream harnesses the softening, soothing properties of Shea butter and Jojoba, to leave skin feeling satin-smooth. For a lightweight body contouring formula, turn to Extra-Firming Body Lotion for a revitalizing lotion that works with you to achieve visibly firmer and younger-looking skin.

If you’ve passed the 50-year mark, you might have noticed changes in your figure linked to hormonal fluctuations. No need to worry! Signs of slackening on the abdomen and waistline are no match for Super Restorative Redefining Body Care formulated with natural plant extracts of Pueraria Lobata, Crowberry and Kaki, to visibly tighten and define skin’s appearance.

For visibly restored radiance and lift, we recommend Renew-Plus Body Serum. The silky, instantly absorbing formula—including radiance-promoting Water Lily and Christophine, and gently exfoliating Hibiscus Flower acids—gives you a visibly even skin texture result.

Target stretch marks

Most of us will get stretch marks at some point in our lives. One of the most effective steps against the effects of skin-stretching is to keep skin well-hydrated. With this in mind, Clarins created Body Partner — a pro formula that combines active ingredients that help to improve elasticity for firm-looking skin.

Find out more about keeping your body looking its best with Clarins' expert body care tips. From our best firming body lotion to exfoliating and moisturizing, Clarins has the answers to all your questions!