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ClarinsMen Face Wash for Youthful-Looking Skin

Clarins has been on the cutting-edge of skincare for over 65 years so we know what works. Ditching fine lines, ingrown hairs and rough patches starts with a cleanser and exfoliator that knows how to take care of men’s skin needs without a dodgy ingredient in sight—just skin science and pure plant-power working together to give you your best-looking skin.

Healthy-looking skin starts with clean

You don’t have to know a lot about skincare to give clogged pores, breakouts, dull and tired-looking skin the boot. ClarinsMen range of face and body products has good-looking skin covered in a few easy steps. Step one is washing your face twice a day to take down dirt, grime and pollutants.

A harsh soap will get rid of the dirt but it’s also going to strip your skin of its natural oils which can result in dryness and lead to fine lines and rough skin. It can also cause your skin to overcompensate for the drying effects of a harsh soap by producing even more sebum which could mean clogged pores and breakouts.

Smooth, healthy, youthful-looking skin starts with the non-drying and gentle purifying power of plant extracts. When designing pioneering face cleansers for men, Clarins always uses natural plant-based ingredients over chemical ones if they prove to be more effective—and each ingredient is sourced with the highest care for the environment to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

ClarinsMen Active Face Wash is a foaming gel face cleanser for men formulated with hydrating and purifying Wintergreen and Grindelia plant extracts to remove excess dirt, oil, and pollutants that make skin look dull and tired. The gentle formula of our best face wash for men helps tone and neutralize dehydrated and irritated skin, leaving skin visibly soft, clean, and refreshed.

Dead skin cells have no place on your face

Dead skin cells shed from the surface layer of the skin can gather in facial lines and wrinkles, making them more noticeable, or clog up pores and lead to dry, flaky skin patches. Give your skin a helping hand to get rid of pore-clogging sweat, oil and dead skin cells.

ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser is hardworking but gentle on your skin. It’s our best face exfoliator for men in a hurry—delivering 2-step action by first cleansing, then working to scrub away embedded sweat, grime and spent surface cells. Use as your ally before shaving, in the war against ingrown hairs and razor bumps for purified, shine-free skin.

Follow your best facial cleanser and shaving products with ClarinsMen After Shave Energizer to help purify skin’s appearance and reduce any signs of irritation. Now your skin is ready for the moisturizer of your choice.

Looking for skincare advice tailored to a man's skin? Clarins offers expert tips on cleansing, hydration, anti-aging, and more!