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Clarins keeps caring for your skin long after the sun goes down

Did you know that how you choose to treat your skin after sun exposure can have an impact on the appearance of your skin? While much is made of sun protection products — and rightly so — caring for your skin should continue long after you’ve left the beach or arrived home from a day spent outdoors.

It’s also important to keep in mind that long term sun damage to your skin is possible even in the fall and winter months. While short-wave UVB rays can cause red, stinging sunburn in the superficial layers of the skin, UVB rays are more dangerous because they make up 95% of the light that reaches our skin. They also have a longer wavelength, which means they can penetrate deeper into the skin. There only needs to be light present for UVA rays to have an effect on our skin all year round. They can even penetrate window glass - a good reason to make sure you always have after sun products on hand after a beach outing or a day on the ski slopes!

Clarins combines skin science and a deep understanding of plant-based skincare to give you the best after sun lotions, creams, and gels to help soothe, comfort, refresh, and hydrate. Your skin will stay visibly soft and radiant long after your day out.

Start after sun care with a gentle cleanser

Step into the shower and wash away every last trace of UV sunscreen, salt, sand, chlorine, and pollution from your face, body, and hair. After Sun Shower Gel helps to refresh without drying, leaving skin and hair feeling soft and silky. Your bonus feel-good factor? This refreshing after sun gel is contained in a sleek, take-along tube made from recycled plastic and treats the senses to a tropical woody-floral scent with a twist of citrus!

Skin benefits of an after sun balm or gel

Whether you choose to use Refreshing After Sun Gel or Soothing After Sun Balm, your skin is visibly soothed and hydrated, and this helps to promote a long-lasting, intense tan on the face and body.

With over 65 years of skincare expertise, Clarins Laboratories have created an antioxidant-rich formula packed with moisturizing plant extracts — including Organic Aloe Vera, Watermelon and Organic Shea Butter — that help to visibly hydrate. Sunflower extract soothes to minimize the feeling of sunburn, while Safflower extract promotes the appearance of an intense, long-lasting tan that resists peeling and flaking. Free radical-fighting Mimosa Tenuiflora leaves skin visibly soft and smooth — and perfectly prepped for another day in the sun!

Post sun super-hydration

SOS Sunburn Soother Mask is a super-hydrating post-sun mask for the face and body that helps to visibly soothe red, hot, sunburned skin. The icy after sun cream-gel is like a cold drink for thirsty skin, taking the heat out and leaving behind soft and smooth-looking skin that’s gently comforted — and you don’t have to wait to get back from your day out to apply! The easy-to-take-along jar means you can start to refresh your skin anywhere, anytime.

If you’d prefer to stay out of the sun, but still want a sun-kissed look, Clarins’ advanced formula self-tanners for the face and body can help you achieve a rich-looking tan without having to put your skin at risk of burn or sun damage.

Interested in finding out more about your skin and the sun? Read our Beauty FAQs to have all your questions answered.