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What is a lymphatic drainage face massage ? How to use face massage tools

Since Clarins opened its first spa in Paris 70 years ago, founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ exclusive lymphatic drainage facial massage techniques have been used by our Beauty Experts to optimize the performance of our anti-aging formulas, provide sensory pleasure, and produce visible results that are immediate and long-lasting.

Our exclusive application methods have evolved over the decades helping to release toxins, nourish, visibly firm, hydrate, cleanse, refine skin texture, and visibly lift without rubbing or stretching the skin. We encourage our customers to try our face massage methods at home. After all, with so many years of spa experience, we know it’s not just what you put on your skin, it’s how you apply it.

The skincare benefits of lymphatic drainage face massages

Lymphatic drainage face massages not only support the skin’s microcirculation for a rosy glow, they also help naturally cleanse the skin by releasing toxins that lead to puffiness, dullness, and inflammation.

A face massage roller or Chinese Gua Sha tool promote lymphatic drainage to visibly lift, sculpt, firm, plump, relax muscles, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Face massages also make way for better absorption of skincare products like serums, moisturizers, and lotions. If you don’t have a face massage tool, your hands can also be used for a refreshing face massage.

What is a lymphatic drainage face massage

A lymphatic draining face massage is an ancient technique that flushes out toxins to de-puff the face, decongest, ease tension, and boost skin’s glow. Over time, waste can build up in facial tissues. Lymphatic face massage speeds the removal of toxins from the face and transports them to the lymph nodes where they are filtered out and eliminated.

How to do a face massage

Gentle stimulation of the acupressure points in the face through a lymphatic facial massage can be achieved with the fingertips and heels of hands, or facial massage tools including Clarins’ Resculpting Flash Roller or Precious L’Outil 3-in-1 Facial Massage Tool- both are proven to visibly reduce swelling and puffiness in the face, enhance hydration, and promote a healthier-looking, more radiant complexion.s

How to use face massage tools

With 70 years of spa expertise, Clarins- the expert in face massages--has created the 2 best tools for lymphatic facial massage.
Clarins’ 2-in-1, spa-quality, Resculpting Flash Roller is inspired by Chinese Gua Sha. It visibly lifts, sculpts, contours and boosts skin’s radiance--instantly revitalizing tired-looking skin on the cheeks, jawline, and around the eyes.
Here’s how to use the face massage roller:

  • Prime your face for the massage by applying a facial moisturizer.
  • With the multi-angled rollers, apply light pressure to cheeks, eye contours and forehead—from the center of the face outward. Place the rollers under the chin and glide down the neck, using back and forth motions.
  • After applying a moisturizer or face oil, glide the curved edge of the Gua Sha side over the chin and toward the ear, maintaining gentle pressure to improve lymphatic drainage. Repeat 5 times.

Clarins’ luxurious L’Outil 3-in-1 Facial Massage Tool mimics the facial massage techniques developed at our Spas to enhance the anti-aging benefits of Precious La Crème and any other anti-aging Clarins moisturizer. The unique shape fits naturally into the hand to visibly firm, lift, and provide a deeply relaxing anti-aging experience at home.
Here’s how to massage your face with Precious L’Outil:

  • Prime your face for the massage by applying a facial moisturizer.
  • Apply pressure in circular movements on your chin and above your lips using the side of your finger tip.
  • Apply pressure in circular movements starting under your eyes working outwards. Continue across the cheeks, over and between the eyebrows.
  • Using the crescent moon side of the tool, make gentle smoothing movements on each side of the face:
    • Starting under eyes toward the ears three times
    • From the mouth toward the ears three times
    • From the chin toward the ears three times
    • Upwards over your forehead starting from the center of the eyebrows
    • Down the neck on both sides
  • Finish by using the cushion side of the Precious massage tool to glide:
    • Under the eyes toward the ears
    • From the nose bridge toward the temples
    • From the chin toward the ears.
    • From the eyebrows to the forehead
    • Across each side of the forehead.
    • Down the neck

How to use Clarins’ 100% manual lymphatic draining face massage method while applying face serums or lotions

Use this hands-on technique twice a day: quickly in the morning to kick-start your day; more slowly at night to create a feeling of calm before going to sleep.

  • WARM--Bring product to skin temperature by warming between your palms, so that your skin accepts it instantly,
  • APPLY--Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly over your face and neck.
  • DRAIN--Gently press onto your skin to enhance circulation, revive radiance, and promote a healthy looking glow: repeat 3 times on cheeks, 3 times on forehead, 5 times on neck and décolleté.

Don’t feel comfortable giving yourself a face massage yet? Our expert beauty coaches and estheticians are happy to help over a live virtual consultation. To experience the Beauty Experts first hand, visit a Clarins Spa in person.

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How to apply Double Serum

Discover our most powerful age control concentrate ever!

27 sec. application

Cutting-edge technology! Powered by [20+1] potent plant extracts, Double Serum decodes the language of youth for visibly smoother, firmer, more radiant skin in one week.*

  • 2 power-packed anti-aging serums in 1.
  • Dial pump delivers the ideal amount— from a drop to a power shot— depending on your skin’s needs.
  • All ages, all skin types, all ethnicities.
  • *Satisfaction text - 362 women - 7 days.

  • Clarins +
  • Applying Double Serum with both hands allows for even distribution of the product.
  • Using Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method enhances circulation to promote firmness, elasticity and radiance.
  • Gently pressing your skin with both hands before applying the product creates feelings of relaxation and well-being.

Target all visible signs of skin aging

  • 1


    Dispense a dime-size amount of Double Serum into your palm. Warm the mixture in your hands to bring it to body temperature, so that your skin accepts it instantly.
    3 seconds

  • 2


    Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly over your face, neck and décolleté.
    8 seconds

  • 3


    Use Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method to enhance circulation, revive radiance and promote firmness. Repeat: 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead, 5 times on the neck and décolleté.
    16 seconds

    Our Expert’s Tip

    Apply to neck and décolleté with the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly, and enjoy a moment of pure well-being

    Denise Barthe, International Training Director

    Why choose Clarins Double Serum?

    Double Serum is our award winning, best selling anti-aging treatment serum. If you only have access to one anti-aging product, make sure it's Double Serum. The iconic two-phase formula delivers the perfect ratio of water and oil soluble ingredients, combining into one potent serum that absorbs easily into the skin and effectively targets all visible signs of aging. The results speak for themselves: thousands of customers report seeing a more smooth, firm and radiant skin both over time.

    Can I use Clarins Double Serum under my eyes?

    Double Serum is an incredibly effective all-round anti-aging face serum, and is fantastic for targeting the delicate area around your eyes too! Inspired by the original formula, this two-phase eye serum smoothes and hydrates the area around the eyes for brighter, more refreshed-looking eyes. Enjoy the skin-tightening effects of a gel with the comfort of an eye cream.

    When should you start using anti-aging products?

    Timing is key to anti-aging skincare. It's never too early to start taking care of your skin, and healthy skincare habits will help to make sure your skin stays beautiful for longer!
    In your 20s, focus on the basics: cleanse, moisturize, and SPF. As you enter your 30s, start incorporating targeted anti-aging products, such as a tightening serum. Formulas like Double Serum are designed to nourish, visibly firm and smooth the skin. By your 40s, your skin may require more intensive anti-aging treatments. These products can help improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of deeper wrinkles.

    What are the benefits of adding a facial serum to my skincare routine?

    Serums for your face offer unique skincare benefits compared to facial cleansers or toners. serums allow you to fully customize your skincare routine to your specific skin concerns while facial cleansers and toners have more general uses. Serums are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides, serums work to address concerns like aging, dehydration, dullness and more.
    A face serum for wrinkles, like Double Serum, may contain ingredients like Leaf of Life and Teasel extracts, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible1 signs of aging. These powerful ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin, delivering potent benefits that can help improve overall skin health.

    Is Double Serum suitable for my oily skin?

    Still want the anti-aging effects of our iconic all-in-one serum for the face, but you have oily skin and are worried about clogged pores and breakouts? Not to worry, while Double Serum wouldn’t cause breakouts, we have an ultra-lightweight formula perfect for oily skin and warm, humid climates. Double Serum Light Texture Anti-Aging Serum gives you all the benefits of the original formula, with the same potent 21 plant extracts hard at work. Its non-oily, non-sticky texture absorbs quickly and leaves a fresh, bare skin finish.

    Are serums for anti-aging more effective than other anti-aging skincare?

    Serums work best when used in conjunction with other skincare products. Each product in your skincare routine plays a specific role, and used together, they deliver desirable results.
    With their high concentration of active ingredients, serums target specific skin concerns rather than focusing more general moisturizing benefits. This makes face moisturizer an important aspect of your anti-aging skincare routine. Applying an anti-aging serum and moisturizer, after effectively cleansing the skin, will enhance the appearance of your skin for a radiant, youthful look.

    How to apply face oil

    Rebalance your complexion.

    30 sec. application

    At Clarins, we have a special place in our hearts for Face Treatment Oils. Add a drop or two to your night cream or use alone to:

    • Soothe your skin—and senses—with Clarins’ aromatic, 100% pure plant extracts.
    • Relax and unwind before going to bed.
    • De-stress for a good night's sleep.
    • Rebalance your skin type.
    • Clarins +
    • Clarins’ exclusive Draining Pressure Method helps enhance circulation to promote skin radiance.

    Wake up looking rested and refreshed

    • 1
      Mix and warm

      Mix and warm

      In the palm of your hand, blend 1-2 drops of the oil with your night cream. Warm between your hands to bring it to skin temperature, so that your skin accepts it instantly.

    • 2


      Use the natural weight of your hands to distribute the product evenly over your face and neck.

    • 3


      Use Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method to enhance circulation, revive radiance and promote radiance. Repeat: 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead, 5 times on the neck and décolleté.

      Our Expert’s Tip

      Finish with a drop of oil on the insides of your wrists, take a deep breath, and you're ready for bed.

      Denise Barthe, International Training Director

      How to get glowing skin?

      Depending on the season, your skin is exposed to harsh environmental influences like sun, cold, wind, pollution, heating, air-conditioning, or sudden temperature swings—aggressors that can leave it looking dry, dull and weathered…old before its time.

      Why do I need a neck and décolleté skin care product?

      Nothing is as aging as a sagging neck and wrinkled décolleté. Read on to find out how your skin care routine can help you maintain a youthful-looking décolleté.

      How to protect your skin from stress aging

      Learn how stress and heightened cortisol levels can visibly impact your skin. Clarins Experts provide skincare advice to help reduce the risks of aging from stressed skin.

      How do I know if my skin is oily or combination?

      Read on to find out what causes oily skin and how to get oily and combination skin under control with the right skin care routine for both skin types.

      How can I reduce under-eye puffiness?

      Most people struggle with puffy eyes as they age. Here’s how you can use Clarins’ eye cream and simple lifestyle adjustments to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes.