Stretch marks? No way, Baby!

In cases of rapid weight gain—including pregnancy—purplish-pink lines, known as stretch marks, may appear on the stomach, hips, breasts, backs of arms—any place the skin is overstretched. Stretch marks are caused by ruptured elastin fibers in the dermis. Over time they become white and permanent.

Be resilient.

Power-up your daily body cream with a few drops of Clarins’ nourishing Tonic Body Treatment Oil.

Tonic Body Treatment Oil. Formulated with 100% natural plant oils—including Rosemary, Geranium and Mint—it visibly firms, tones and prepares body skin for weight fluctuations associated with pregnancy.

Field Mint

Tonic Body Treatment Oil


Clarins is pulling for you!

Stretch Mark Minimizer. Powered by Crowberry extract to soothe, comfort and help visibly reduce the look of stretch marks.

Extra-Firming Body Lotion Fights skin slackening with Lemon Thyme extract. Smoothes with Shea butter. Helps visibly firm and tone with extracts of Centella and Bocoa.

Feel great about your body with a complete program of stretch mark-fighting formulas that will keep your skin in soft, sleek, beautiful condition all pregnancy long.