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Turn On Your Golden Glow All Year-Round

For many years Clarins has been creating skin protection creams for the face and body, along with self-tanning lotion and after sun products — but just how necessary is it to make sun self-care part of your daily skincare routine?

Did you know that it’s possible to incur long term sun damage to your skin even in the fall and winter? While most of us are familiar with the effects of short-wave UVB rays which can cause red, stinging sunburn in the superficial layers of the skin, UVA rays are more dangerous because they make up 95% of the light that reaches our skin. They also have a long wavelength, which means they can penetrate deeper into the skin. There only needs to be light present for UVA rays to have an effect on our skin all year round, and they can even penetrate window glass!

SPF sunscreen helps protect us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays — UVA and UVB — and when used alongside other measures like wearing protective clothing and staying in the shade where possible, you can decrease your risk of early visible signs of skin aging.

Can I use any skin protection cream on my face?

Just as face moisturizers are designed to address specific facial skin types, you’ll be taking better care of your skin if you think about the sun and skincare in the same way. UV protection for the face and neck is designed to partially prevent UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin by either absorbing, scattering, or reflecting some of the light — while also caring for facial skin with silky, oil-free formulas.

Taking the sting out of sun exposure

There are many good reasons to take special care of your skin after sun exposure. Clarins after sun skincare products help to soothe, comfort, refresh, and hydrate, while keeping your skin looking soft and radiant long after the sun has gone down.

With over 65 years of skincare expertise, Clarins Laboratories have created after sun skincare products for face and body, using antioxidant-rich formulas packed with moisturizing plant extracts including organic aloe vera, watermelon, and organic shea butter that hydrates the skin. Sunflower extract helps to soothe and minimize the feeling of sunburn, while Safflower extract promotes a long-lasting, visibly glowing tan that resists peeling and flaking.

Get sun kissed without the sun

Advanced formula self tanners for the face and body can help you achieve a rich-looking tan without having to put your skin at risk of burn or sun damage. The best fake tan lotions are streak-free, natural-looking, and oh-so-easy to use — and their moisture-rich formulas leave your skin visibly nourished, pampered and glowing.

Our range of fake tan innovations include our gradual sunless tanner for those who are beginners and not yet sure how to apply fake tan, as well as a variety of products for self-tanners who can wield lotion, cream, gel, or booster; and a self-tanning mitt with smooth, expert precision.

Interested in finding out more about protecting your precious complexion and treating yourself to radiant-looking, sun kissed skin? Read our Beauty FAQs to have all your sun and skincare questions answered.