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Expert Advice: 5 ways to feel great about your body!

    Smooth the way to a sleek silhouette

    Clarins'spa-fresh body polishers cast-off dull, flaky surface cells and pore-clogging debris, leaving skin perfectly luminous and refreshed. Prep body skin for the moisture to follow. The ultimate glow-getters.

    Performed once or twice a week, exfoliating:

    • Encourages cellular renewal to promote a firm, youthful-looking body.
    • Prepares body skin for flawless tanning—faux or naturally sun-touched.
    • Assures even, radiant, streak-free results applied prior to your self tanner.
    • Prolongs the life span of a real or self tan.
    • Helps prevent ingrown hairs prior to waxing or shaving.
    • Leaves skin feeling soft and sleek—looking très chic!

    Quench thirsty body skin

    The skin on your body is just as fragile as the skin on your face, and equally susceptible to dryness and chapping. Skin is your body's biggest organ—it stands between you and the rest of the world. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

    Keeping body skin moisture-charged:

    • Fights the drying effects of cold air and irritations caused by the rubbing of clothes.
    • Smooths dry, rough patches and improves skin tone.
    • Soften, soothes and improves elasticity.
    • Envelopes the body in a total feeling of well-being.
    • Promotes a silky, beautiful skin texture and lasting

    Tone up for a chic physique

    Clarins' new Extra-Firming Body Care formulas reinforce elastin and collagen fibers—firming, toning and helping to restore a youthful-looking shape to bodies effected by aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy.

    Extra-Firming Body Lotion and Body Cream:

    • Boost the natural production of Emilin 1—a protein that helps strengthen and protect elastin fibers to tone and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
    • Contain an anti-wrinkle blend of Lemon Thyme, Centella and Bocoa extracts.
    • Leave body skin soft, supple and silky-smooth.
    • Envelop body skin in the spa-fresh essences of natural botanical extracts.
    • Melt into skin without a sticky after feel—so there's no wait time before dressing.

    Nothing compares to Clarins body care

    For more than 50 years, Clarins Research has traveled the farthest corners of five continents to find the most powerful active plant ingredients—then harnessed their natural energy into body contouring formulas that are unsurpassed in gentleness and clinical results.

    Clarins understands a woman’s every contouring
    need with products specifically formulated for:

    • Curvy or slim women with cellulite.
    • Enhancing weight loss programs.
    • Stubborn curves, especially on the upper body.
    • Water retention.
    • Women over age 50 whose figures are being challenged by natural hormonal changes.

    When it comes to anti-aging hand care, Clarins has the touch!

    Clarins' invisible protective "glove" was 152 versions in the making—which is why this renowned formula has had a loyal global following for more than 30 years.

    Each ingredient has been specifically chosen to treat the specific needs of each part of the hand: backs, which are prone to dryness, chapping and dark spots; palms, where skin can thicken; and nails, which become weakened by detergents and exposure to the elements.

    Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream:

    • Shields hands from the elements, minimizing the signs of aging.
    • Softens and comforts dry, chapped, irritated skin.
    • Helps strengthen nails and condition cuticles.
    • Soothes with Sesame Oil and fortifies with Japanese Mulberry.
    • Delivers professional spa results.