How should I apply my foundation?

Applying your foundation perfectly is a skill that takes time. Learn how to put on foundation and avoid common beginner mistakes. Clarins’ products and technique tips can teach you how to achieve a flawless finish.

The best thing about learning how to apply foundation is when you get it right, it can turn your face into a completely smooth, glowing, illuminated-looking masterpiece. However, get it wrong and your masterpiece can go horribly wrong.

It can take a while to learn how to put on foundation. You have to go through a lot of trial and error to perfect the process. Whether you’re using liquid or powder foundation, putting it on correctly is an essential part of learning how to do makeup as a whole.

1. What is foundation used for?

Before we tell you how to apply makeup and foundation, it’s important to understand what you’re putting on your face and why. Foundation, as its namesake suggests, is the base upon which you build the rest of your makeup. If you want to know how to put on makeup then applying foundation should be the first thing that you learn.

Foundation is applied to the whole face and blended in the neck and décolletage areas to make your skin tone even. There are a number of different types of foundation products that you must get to grips with to find the best match for your beauty routine.

2. Choose the right type of foundation

One of the most important makeup tips that we can give to you when it comes to finding the right foundation is choosing the best type of foundation for you. The different types of foundation are as follows:

  • Liquid foundation: The liquid foundation is normally packaged in bottles or tubes. When thinking about how to apply liquid foundation, remember that they can range from super sheer to full. Luckily, this is one of the easiest foundations to blend and can be done in a few coats to ensure that you get it just right. It’s also possible to mix two different shades together to get the perfect match for your skin.

  • Cream foundation: This foundation is normally packaged in a compact jar and because of the high moisturizing content and ‘dewy-look’ it leaves, it’s the best foundation for dry skin. The texture can be quite heavy, so apply lightly.

  • Powder foundation: If you’re looking for a matte look or you want to do touch-ups, these compact foundations are your best bet. This is a great foundation for oily skin and can be used dry and wet.

  • Stick foundation: This is a heavy foundation that is similar to cream. The best thing about them is that they are small, compact, and practical. They can also be used as a concealer for a quick touch-up. They are not ideal for acne-prone skin.

  • Tinted moisturizer: While not a true foundation, the tinted moisturizer has hydrating properties and a little bit of color to ensure you have an even skin tone. If you want natural makeup looks and have skin that doesn’t require foundation then this is the product for you.

3. Choose the right applicator

You first have to decide on the applicator that you are going to use. Whether you’re using a liquid, cream, or powder foundation, Clarins has the solution for you. You need to learn how to apply foundation with a brush and not just any brush but the best foundation brush for your needs.

For maximum coverage, try the Clarins Flat Foundation Brush. This foundation brush has super-soft bristles and a rounded tip that will help you to get that perfectly even, smooth skin base before applying the rest of your makeup.

For a more natural makeup look, go for the Multi-Use Foundation Brush, which has soft, widely fanned bristles that sparingly spread your foundation in such a way that it will be hard to notice that you’re wearing it. Remember, if you use liquid foundation, you can just use your fingers instead of a brush or sponge.

4. Prep and clean your skin

As with any kind of makeup, it’s best to clean and prepare your skin before applying foundation makeup. This is particularly important to extract old makeup and dirt that may be clogging up your pores that could create lines or dryness in your foundation. Use a gentle face cleanser to ensure that your skin is oil-free before you apply your makeup.

After using a face wash, ensure that you use an alcohol-free toner. Face cream ensures that your skin isn’t parched, which will only cause your foundation to look dry and flaky like the skin underneath.

5. The steps of applying foundation

When applying foundation, don’t simply throw some in your hands and lather it over your face. It is a step-by-step process that needs to be done carefully.

First, add two pumps of the perfect foundation, like our Everlasting Foundation, onto your palm. Using either your finger or your foundation brush, start in the center of your face and blend the foundation outwards.

Next up, you need to blend the foundation. Grab a damp (not wet) makeup sponge and dab the foundation all over your face. Be sure not to wipe the foundation over the surface of your skin, or you will get lines. Use the sharp/pointy end of the sponge to expertly blend your foundation into the more tricky areas like your eyes and nose.

Our Everlasting Foundation will last all day, however, if you feel like you still need a touch-up, or you think you can still see scars, redness, or pimples, don’t be scared to use a small amount of concealer to cover up those areas.

6. Use the Clarins’ tutorials

If you still don’t know how to apply foundation or you're still asking “what goes first concealer or foundation?” Take a few minutes to check out Clarins’ tutorials for more information. You’ll find useful tips on applying makeup, as well as things like how to clean makeup brushes, and you’ll find out about accessories like makeup brush holders.

Ready for even, natural-looking makeup?

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