How to remove eye make-up

Clarins’ gentle eye make-up removers won’t tug, sting or irritate skin.

30 sec.

Sensitive eyes? Clarins’ non-irritating eye make-up removal method is ideal for:

  • Gently dissolving long-wearing and waterproof formulas.
  • Caring for the extremely fragile skin around the eyes.
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  • Soak a cotton pad with Instant Eye Make-up Remover. Hold it over each eye for 10 seconds to let it dissolve your eyeshadow and mascara; then gently sweep the cotton pad without pulling on your skin.
  • Our Eye Make-up Removal Method keeps lashes looking lush and lovely.

Irritation-free eye make-up removal

  • 1

    Press down

    Moisten a cotton pad with Instant Eye Make-up Remover. Press gently over eyelids for 10 seconds to allow the product to coat your lashes and dissolve mascara and eyeshadow.
    10 seconds

  • 2


    Gently sweep the cotton pad down along your lashes’ natural direction of growth.
    10 seconds

  • 3

    Move upward

    Sweep the cotton pad back up along the undersides of lashes, lifting them as you go. Fold the cotton pad. Following the natural direction of lymphatic circulation, gently move the pad toward the outer corner of the eye. Use a fresh cotton pad for each eye.
    10 seconds

    Our Expert’s Tip

    Don’t skimp on the quality of your cotton pads, or the quantity: use 1 for each eye.

    Denise Barthe, International Training Director

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