Double Serum


Double Serum Eye

Intensive Anti-Aging
Eye Treatment

Visibly firms to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles
Deeply nourishes and hydrates
Visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles
Illuminates the eye area
Revitalizes the delicate skin around eyes

Double Serum Texture
Double Serum

of natural

The anti-aging power of Double Serum…
now for your eyes!

Inspired by our worldwide bestselling Double Serum,* Clarins introduces NEW Double Serum Eye—two power-packed serums in one concentrated formula that visibly smoothes, firms, hydrates, and revitalizes the delicate eye area, with age-defying results in just 7 days.* This intensive plant-based treatment contains 13 potent anti-aging extracts that absorb perfectly into skin for smoother- and brighter-looking eyes immediately after each use.

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 375 women - 7 days.


New Youth-Preserving Duo

A combination of Organic Wild Chervil + Turmeric—Double Serum's iconic ingredient—optimizes the performance of the skin's 5 vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration, and protection, to effectively target all visible signs of aging for more youthful-looking eyes.


Hydrolipidic System

The iconic, dual-chamber bottle makes it possible to combine 13 potent plant extracts in their optimal concentrations formulated specifically for the eye area.

When dispensed, this exclusive Hydrolipidic System—a ratio that is 2/3 gel (Hydric) + 1/3 emulsion (Hydrolipidic)—combines into one powerful eye serum that has a perfect bio-affinity with the skin, for anti-aging eye care that is unrivaled.


A powerhouse of 96% natural ingredients
This plant-based eye treatment is formulated with 13 revitalizing and anti-aging extracts.
Along with Organic Wild Chervil extract, Double Serum Eye contains four additional organic
plant extracts, specifically chosen for the delicate eye area:

Leaf of Life
Organic Leaf of Life
Powers the skin’s natural hydration
Organic Kiwi
Softens and nourishes
Oat Sugars
Organic Oat Sugars
Visibly tighten and smooth
White Horehound
Organic White Horehound
Helps protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollution, including blue lights from electronics
Double Serum

The Clarins Touch

How to apply Double Serum Eye like a pro

Mix both phases between fingertips.

Apply temple-to-temple, gently pressing over the upper and lower eyelids—from the inner corners of the eyes, out to the hairline.

Tap gently between eyebrows.

See smoother, brighter-looking eyes immediately after each use.

Double Serum & Double Serum Eye: Your complete anti-aging duo

Double Serum


Double Serum

Organic Wild Chervil

Reimagine your Double Serum routine

Clarins #1 best-selling anti-aging serum* and NEW Double Serum Eye are your ultimate duo for visibly smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin and eyes. 88% of women say the combination of Double Serum & Double Serum Eye is the perfect product duo for overall anti-aging effectiveness in 7 days.**

These plant-based formulas combine two powerful serums into one to address all visible signs of skin aging on face and eyes. Each iconic, dual-chamber bottle is designed with a rotating push button to dispense a customized dosage for your skin's needs. Apply morning and evening for unrivaled anti-aging results.

*Based on Clarins internal data Jan-Dec 2020.
**Satisfaction test - 108 women - 7 days of using both Double Serum and Double Serum Eye

Your youth-boosting eye routine

Double Serum Eye
Double Serum
SOS Primer
SOS Primer

Supra Lift & Curl Mascara
Supra Volume


The Clarins Experts have the answers.

Why do I need eye care?

Delicate skin around eyes: handle with care! The skin around the eyes is 4 times thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of the skin on the face, making it especially prone to dehydration and premature signs of aging. With very few supporting fibers, roughly 10,000 blinks generated each day by 22 muscles, and exposure to damaging pollution and blue light, this fragile skin shows signs of fatigue like sagging eyelids, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Short nights, stress, and a fast-paced lifestyle only add to the problem. That’s why Clarins researchers work tirelessly to formulate targeted, cutting-edge eye care that keeps skin looking beautiful and youthful. Our range of intensive treatments are created with precious plant extracts, in a variety of innovative textures your skin will love, including serum, cream, gel, and balm formulas.

When should I start using an eye treatment?

Dip into eye care before those first lines set in! Even in your 20s and 30s, environmental factors like exposure to pollution, blue light from electronics, and fatigue can start to take a toll on the fragile eye area. It's never too early (or too late!) to start caring for this delicate skin with a targeted anti-aging eye serum. Double Serum Eye is the complete youth-boosting formula for all ages. The concentrated, two-phase formula works from temple-to-temple to visibly smooth, firm, hydrate, and revitalize the eye area—effectively targeting all visible signs of skin aging with unrivaled results.

When should I apply my eye treatment?

Morning and evening, apply your eye treatment from temple-to-temple. Follow by applying a serum to the rest of your face, then finish with the Clarins day or night cream for your exact concerns: hydrating, firming, deep wrinkles, or maturing skin.

To apply your skincare with a gentle touch that never pulls or tugs the skin, follow the recommendations from The Clarins Experts. Whatever your age, Clarins has a tailor-made routine that is sensorial, unrivaled, and just for you.

What do The Clarins Experts recommend for maintaining fresh, youthful-looking eyes?

  1. Makeup removal is an essential first step to any skincare routine—this means eye makeup too! The best eye makeup remover should be ultra-gentle and effectively dissolve makeup so there's no need to pull or tug.
  2. Sleep on silk or ultra-soft cotton pillowcases to avoid friction on the skin.
  3. Apply your targeted eye treatment twice daily, morning and night, before your serum and moisturizer.
  4. 1-2 times per week, apply an intensive eye mask like super-quenching Hydra-Essentiel Moisturizing Reviving Eye Mask to boost hydration and erase signs of fatigue.

Is Double Serum Eye right for me?

Double Serum Eye is a gentle yet effective eye treatment packed with potent plant-extracts to address all visible signs of skin aging. Whether you want to address fine lines and wrinkles, lack of firmness, dehydration, dark circles, or puffiness—Double Serum Eye is right for you! The gentle formula is suitable for all ages, all ethnicities and all skin types, including contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Its double texture combines the tightening properties of a gel with the comfort of a cream for a lightweight treatment that absorbs immediately, so there is no wait time before makeup application. The bottle’s rotating push button dispenser allows you to select the perfect amount of product for your skin’s exact needs.

How effective is Double Serum Eye?

Double Serum Eye harnesses the best of plant science for unrivaled anti-aging efficacy. The iconic, dual-chamber bottle makes it possible to combine 13 potent, age-defying plant extracts in their optimal concentrations formulated specifically for the eye area. When dispensed, this exclusive Hydrolipidic System—a ratio that is 2/3 gel (Hydric) + 1/3 emulsion (Hydrolipidic)—combines into one powerful eye serum that works in perfect bio-affinity with the skin. Women agree that Double Serum Eye delivers younger-looking eyes in just 7 days.*


  • Immediately, puffiness is visibly reduced
  • Immediately, dark circles are visibly minimized
  • 95% More comfortable skin
  • 93% Better hydrated skin
  • 89% Intensely nourished
  • 86% Visibly smoother skin
  • 80% Radiant, brighter-looking eyes


  • 95% Hydrated
  • 90% Visibly smoother
  • 90% Intensely nourished
  • 85% Revitalized
  • 84% Visibly firmer, more even skin


  • 94% Visibly smoother skin
  • 93% Revitalized skin
  • 92% Visibly firmer, more even skin
  • 90% Wrinkles visibly reduced
  • 86% Puffiness is visibly reduced
  • 82% Dark circles are visibly minimized

*Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 375 women - 7 days.
**Satisfaction test – multi-ethnic panel - 293 women – after the first application.
***Satisfaction test - multi-ethnic panel - 377 women - 7 days.
****Satisfaction test – multi-ethnic panel - 265 women – 28 days.