What are the benefits of Clarins’ oils?

Face and body essential oil blends – packed with omega-rich oils, vitamins and antioxidants, and being highly compatible with skin – add moisture. Keep reading to see how to get rid of dry skin and which oil for dry skin could work best for you.

1. Oils made from 100% plant extracts

Clarins has been at the forefront of innovation in face and body treatment oils, for more than 60 years. We will always choose a natural ingredient over a chemical one if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. Making use of the best essential oils is a natural fit for Clarins’ researchers when designing innovative treatment oils. All essential oils used in Clarins treatments are sourced with the utmost care for the environment to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

Plant-based beauty products have been in use for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used castor oil and moringa oil as a dry skin treatment. Olive oil was a treasured moisturizer for dry skin and a popular hair treatment in ancient Greece.

2. The benefits of Clarins face and body oils

Sometimes, your skin may become dehydrated, and you will notice an uneven skin tone, excessive dry skin on hands and legs, redness and inflammation, and dry skin patches. Your skin may even overcompensate by producing too much sebum, leading to blackheads and breakouts.

The best essential oils for face and body, act not only as a moisturizer for dry skin and to keep moisture sealed in – they have additional benefits for your skin, depending on the type of oil used. For example, Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil uses Hazelnut oil, rich in Omega 9 and Vitamin E to help lock in moisture for visibly smooth skin from shoulders to toes.

Face treatment oils

If you have a dry skin type or you’re managing a temporary dry skin condition – Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil provides soothing relief to dry or extra-dry skin. This product is the best face oil for dry skin, it visibly hydrates and seals in moisture to even out skin tone with an aromatic blend of essential oils – Sandalwood, Cardamon and Lavender.

For skin that is dehydrated but not dry, opt for essential oils that help to restore visible radiance and vitality to moisture-deprived skin. Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is formulated with Blue Orchid and Patchouli – your shortcut to visibly smooth skin that’s soft to the touch.

Clarins Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion is meant for all skin types. A green beauty innovation, this unique 2-in-1 oil-emulsion moisturizer housed in a dual-chamber bottle, blends the perfect balance of Clarins' iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and a melting lotion to intensely hydrate skin. A gold standard in dry skin remedies, Plant Gold's aromaphytocare properties combine aromatic essential oils and beneficial pure plant extracts to uplift the senses with the stimulating power of Patchouli essential oil – known for its spicy, amber, and musk fragrance.

Although it may seem odd to apply oil to oily skin, Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is a natural astringent for oily or combination skin. Wondering how to get an even skin tone? Fine, lightweight essential oils of Lotus, Rosemary and Geranium, help to hydrate and improve the appearance of pores for a visibly refined skin texture.

Body treatment oils

Part of the reward of using essential oil blends for the body is not only the beneficial effect they have on the skin – the aromatics of essential oils are able to calm the mind and relax the body. So breathe deeply for maximum benefit!

Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil harnesses the calming properties of Basil, Camomile, and Bitter Orange pure plant extracts to help relieve stress and fatigue, and soothe tired, aching muscles after exercise. Looking for an aromatic way to treat dry skin on legs and feet? Relax Body Treatment Oil formulated with Hazelnut oil, rich in Omega 9 and Vitamin E, seals in moisture for smooth skin from shoulders to toes.

Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil is a powerhouse of Geranium, Sweet Marjoram, and Lemon best essential oils that soothes, relaxes and softens your skin.

3. How to use Clarins oils

Face Treatment Oils are best used in the evening, after removing all traces of makeup. Add a drop or two to your night cream or use alone to soothe your skin and relax your senses. It’s a wonderful way to rebalance your skin and de-stress for a good night's sleep. Clarins’ exclusive Draining Pressure Method helps enhance circulation to promote skin radiance.

When using a body treatment like Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, massage a small amount onto dry or damp skin with light sweeping motions – moving upward from ankles to waist. Concentrate on areas of concern: waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, dry skin on legs, and arms. Then rinse with cool water.

It’s not enough to simply formulate a product. Clarins beauty school has created an application method, so you get the most benefit from Clarins oils, based on our knowledge of skin – expert techniques that are easy to repeat at home. Remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the rewards of Clarins Treatment Oils!

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