What are the best ways to care for my hands?

Your hands are one of the hardest working parts of your body – are you giving them the pampering and care that they deserve? Your hands show age far earlier than your face and neck, and so keeping them exfoliated, moisturized, and protected from the sun should be one of your top skin care priorities.

We’ve got the answers to all your questions about caring for your hands - read on for our top tips for soft, smooth and vibrant-looking skin on your hands.

1. What is the best hand cream for me to use?

If you want to keep your hands soft and smooth, you need to condition with the best hand cream available. Use a moisturizing hand cream at least twice a day (as well as after washing your hands), such as Clarins Super Restorative Hand and Nail Cream. This is an intensive hand cream designed to decrease the risk of premature aging on your hands from external damage.

It is loaded with shea butter, aloe vera extract, and white mulberry, ingredients that keep your hands looking and feeling their best. If you want to boost the efficacy of your hand cream, wear a pair of cotton gloves (or even a pair of socks) to bed after application at night.

2. Do I need to exfoliate my hands?

If you have rough or dry skin on your hands, you need to exfoliate on a regular basis. By removing flaky surface cells from your skin, you will reveal the smooth and healthy layers underneath.

One of the best exfoliating scrubs for your hands is Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for smooth skin. This formula contains bamboo, shea butter, and mimosa extract, preparing your skin’s surface to absorb other treatments and moisturizers. Your hand cream will go a lot further and be more efficient when you exfoliate your hands at least twice a week, and using the best moisturizer for dry skin is advisable.

Need tips on how to exfoliate your hands? Apply a quarter-sized dollop of body scrub to your damp palms and gently massage it onto the backs of your hands for 30 seconds, taking care to reach in between your fingers. Rinse with warm water, pat dry, and then apply your favorite hand cream for dry hands.

3. What kind of hand soap should I use?

Sure, you have to wash your hands, but the soap found in many public restrooms (and maybe even in your own kitchen or bathroom) can be extremely drying — and dry skin on hands isn’t something you want to deal with. Keeping your hands clean and free from harmful bacteria should be a priority, but how can you wash your hands without drying them? Which soap is best for smooth skin?

The key is to use a gentle hand wash that cleanses effectively without harsh ingredients. Clarins Hand Gel Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed should be a permanent mainstay next to your sink. It uses soothing Cottonseed extract and Geranium oil, known for its purifying properties. When activated with water, this luxuriously silky foam washes away dirt and bacteria to leave skin feeling supple, soft and comfortable.

4. Do I need to moisturize my nails?

Your nails are made up of keratin, which is also one of the building blocks of skin and hair. Just like your skin, your nails can become extremely dry due to environmental factors, dietary choices, and the side effects of certain medications. Keeping your nails moisturized will help prevent them from peeling and breaking, reduce brittleness, and keep them looking smooth and healthy.

Moisturizing your nails should be an important part of your skincare routine. Not all hand creams are designed to help you maintain optimal nail health, but Hand and Nail Treatment Cream contains rich shea butter. It is specifically formulated to help keep your nails looking healthy and moisturized, allowing them to grow long and strong.

5. Should I use sunblock on my hands?

We all use our hands to apply sunblock to our face and body, but do you actually need to apply sunblock to the backs of your hands? The answer is a resounding yes! In order to keep the skin on your hands looking (and feeling) youthful and supple, you need to use a hand cream with SPF before you leave the house each morning.

Apply sunblock with an SPF factor of at least 30 before heading outside, being sure to coat the backs of your hands liberally.

Caring for your hands is important

Keeping your hands soft, moisturized, and protected from the sun does not have to be difficult. With just a few key products, you can improve the look, feel, and overall health of your skin. Dry skin on your hands doesn’t need to be a lifelong problem – apply hand cream, use a high-quality hand wash, exfoliate regularly, and use sunblock every time you go out into the sun.

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