How can I pamper my feet?

If you think about the amount of running and walking that you do every day then you can quantify how much work your feet are doing. They are one of the most-used parts of our bodies. However, when it comes to our everyday beauty routines, they are the most likely parts to be overlooked. We need to make our feet as much as a priority as other parts of our body.

We often neglect our feet and toes and only when summer is around the corner and we are getting back into the sandal-wearing season do we notice that our feet are dry, calloused, and our heels are cracked. Caring for your feet should be a year-round routine and not just an annual last-minute decision. Here’s what you can do to care for your feet around the clock with good hygiene and pampering to protect them from the most common foot ailments.

What are the common dry skin causes?

There are a number of different reasons why we may get dry feet, blisters on our feet, calluses and other foot problems. It’s important to understand what is causing your issues if you are able to successfully pamper and treat your feet:

  • Shoe environment: Your feet can go through lots of physical stress in the wrong kind of shoes. Shoes can get very warm, with temperatures getting up to and over 120° F. The heat and humidity in your shoes can cause the feet to become calloused and dry.

  • Soaps: Not all skin cleansers are good for your skin and many are harsh and can cause dry cracked feet. They could also cause irritation and result in itchy feet.
  • Aging: As we age, our skin can become more fragile and susceptible to dryness, and the feet are no exception. Making matters worse, the protective pad on the bottom of our feet tends to get thinner with age, which often increases the stress in areas like the heel and ball of the foot and can lead to more cracking.

  • Weather conditions: The weather has a big impact on the health of our feet and how they look and feel. Our feet are particularly susceptible to drying and cracking in the winter months when they are exposed to indoor heating and are more often than not in shoes and socks to keep them warm.

How can I get smooth skin on my feet?

Luckily there are some relatively minor changes that you can make to your everyday health and beauty routine that could have a major impact on the health of your feet. We’ll cover everything from the best lotion for extremely dry skin to exfoliator and the right footwear to help you achieve the skin on your feet that you dream of.

1. Moisturize

Just like you would for your face, you should have the best skincare routine for your feet in place as part of your everyday beauty routine. It’s imperative that you moisturize your feet on a regular basis to keep them visibly highdrated. Every night before bed, gently massage your feet with Foot Beauty Treatment Cream, which is the best moisturizer for dry skin. Just a few strokes are all you need to soothe feet and pamper your skin. The extra benefit to this cream is that it conditions cuticles and nails. Perfect for a pretty pedicure!

2. Exfoliate.

If you are looking for ways to remove dead skin from your feet or how to get smooth skin on your feet, then the place to begin is with exfoliation. Start by exfoliating your feet once or twice a week. This is key to scrubbing away dead skin cells and revealing velvety soft skin. For the ultimate fatigue-fighter, treat your feet to a foot bath with the Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate and then exfoliate with the Tonic Sugar Polisher, the best exfoliator for any skin type, including dry skin. The essential oils in these two products combined with our Exfoliating Foot File for skin exfoliation give you a refreshing sense of wellness.

3. Keep your feet dry

Athlete’s foot and other fungi tend to thrive in moist conditions, whether because of sweaty feet or not drying them properly after you shower. Ensuring that your feet are kept dry comes down to just a few small changes in your hygiene routine and could help you avoid unsightly, itchy feet. To keep your feet nice and dry you should change your socks frequently - this can stop not just fungus, but unpleasant odors too. This is particularly important if you have sweaty feet. You must also ensure that you wear breathable socks made of cotton or wool, as well as using a foot powder to soak up any excess moisture.

4. Keep your toenails short

If you want to have healthy-looking feet then you’re going to have to look after your toenails too. Even if you aren’t big on showing your nails, neglecting them can cause problems with the overall health of your feet. Overgrown nails are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi and also make your feet more susceptible to infections, whereas toenails that are cut too short can cause ingrown toenails, which means you’ll have very sore feet around the ingrown nail area.

5. Wear the correct footwear

We know that it’s not always simple to find shoes we adore and that are always comfortable on our feet. High heels, for example, look absolutely fabulous but place huge amounts of pressure on areas of our feet and can lead to blisters, dry skin, and other health problems. The best shoes for your feet should properly fit the shape of your foot while providing substantial support. They must also be comfortable and not rub in any places. Breathability is also hugely important and so cotton and wool shoes are great, while closed shoes that are made from plastic are the least effective when it comes to letting your feet breathe.

Don’t forget that your feet should be part of your everyday health and beauty routine and should be treated with the same care as the other parts of your body. Look after them, treat them to a pedicure every now and then, and remember to seek medical attention for any acutely painful issues.

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