What are the best skincare products for women of color?

Increasingly, we’re realizing that dry skin can share the same concerns as oily skin – like dehydration or an aging complexion. So skin care for women of color needs to go beyond skin type to address dark skin concerns. Understanding skin care products that address your concerns is your first step to a glowing complexion.

1. Skin care for women of color

So many of the beautiful aspects of our skin, as well as most of our concerns, begin with our genetics. Just as we inherit the unique shade of our eyes and the individual tone of our skin – our parents and grandparents pass on their skin concerns to us, too. This is why dark skin women – with more natural melanin in their skin – are more prone to hyperpigmentation and melasma.

The last thing you want to do is compromise your warm, golden glow with skin care products that contain chemicals or harsh ingredients. Thankfully, Clarins has been an innovator in harnessing the power of plants to create natural skin care products that go beyond skin type. A fine example is the multitasking Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It can be used as a radiance balm as well as a 10-minute energy mask. This balm can help minimize the signs of skin fatigue while visibly brightening and prepping your skin for makeup application.

If you understand the skin care products that are best for dark skin, you can build a skin care routine that leaves you with healthy-looking skin that glows.

So let’s decode the best skin care routine and makeup for women of color.

2. Your skin care routine for dark skin

An aspect of skin care no woman should compromise on is the gentleness of her face cleanser. Don’t be tempted to use soap or products with harsh, drying ingredients to address excess oil. It doesn’t matter what your skin type is. A cleanser for oily skin and dry skin should always contain gentle ingredients that are kind to your skin. Remember that alcohol belongs in your cocktail, not on your skin.

The best facial cleanser for dark skin should be effective enough to lift makeup and wash away dirt, grime, and bacteria. It should always leave your skin feeling clean and comfortably hydrated. If skin feels tight after washing your face, then you’re using the wrong cleanser.

Follow your face cleanser with a gentle toner. Soak a cotton ball in toning lotion and wipe over your face to remove any last traces of cleanser. Clarins has some great cleanser/toner skin care sets that help to clean and rebalance your skin for the treatments to follow.

Before we start looking at the best face moisturizer for dark skin women, let’s take a look at serum. Now, a lot has been said about serum in recent years, but exactly what it does for our skin remains a mystery to most of us. But it’s simple, really. A face serum has a different consistency to a moisturizer. It’s more like water than a lotion which means it’s easily absorbed by the skin. It can be used as part of a skin care set along with your moisturizer to boost its benefits. Face serum is packed full of nutrients – a bit like a superfood smoothie for your skin. And we can all do with one of those!

Pigmentation issues can be tackled with the help of Bright Plus Advanced Brightening Dark Spot-Targeting Serum, infused with superfruit extracts - new Rose-myrtle and Acerola Cherry seed, this advanced formula helps to visibly revive dull skin, and targets all types of dark spots for a visibly brighter, more even complexion.

You need to use a moisturizer and eye cream that speaks to your skin concerns. Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal to Dry Skin should be your go-to. This luxurious silky cream helps to hydrate thirsty skin with precious moisture – and keeps it there – for all-day hydration. Dry skin is quenched with Organic Leaf of Life extract – a succulent plant that may help the skin’s ability to retain precious moisture – leaving it comfortable, looking radiant, and perfectly hydrated. For best skin care results, Clarins’ day cream and night cream skin care sets are powerful duos.

For more mature skin, look out for Clarins’ best anti-aging skin care innovations in their Super Restorative anti-aging skin care products.

Once or twice a week, include an exfoliating scrub in your skin care routine. Dead skin cells pile up on the skin's surface, trapping new cells underneath. When you exfoliate, you target dead skin cell buildup, allowing your skin to more readily absorb your face serum, moisturizer or best anti-aging cream. The same goes for body care – don’t forget to use an exfoliating body scrub before applying your body lotion.

Follow with Beauty Flash Balm, once or twice a week, as a 10-minute energy mask to visibly brighten skin.

3. Makeup for women of color

On those days when you need some extra help with your skin – try SOS Primer. This color-correcting makeup primer is a great way to prep skin for a flawless makeup application. There are eight color fixes for any beauty concern, including 07 mocha– a great bronzer for women of color that helps revive radiance for dark skin tones.

The lightweight, oil-free formula is infused with Organic Sea Lily – a super-hydrating plant extract. And Clarins’ exclusive High Lumitech Complex – a combination of pearls and soft-focus powders which visibly neutralizes, boosts the appearance of radiance and helps to blur imperfections in no time. Just a touch or two of the right hue sets the tone for long-wearing makeup and visibly luminous skin.

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