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Clarins has a targeted mask for every skin type + concern.

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The Clarins Experts have all the answers

face mask is an essential part of any good skincare routine. Clarins’ gentle, plant-enriched masks are applied to face and neck, and take just 10-15 minutes to work their magic for healthy-looking, youthful skin.
Our targeted masks are available in several luxurious textures — gel-cream, balm, clay, cream, and cream-mousse — and are the result of years of scientific research to effectively address specific skin concerns. For instance, SOS Pure Mask for Oily or Combination Skin is infused with purifying Organic* Alpine Willow Herb to help mattify, take down shine,  and visibly tighten pores. SOS Comfort Mask contains intensely nourishing Wild Mango Butter to deeply hydrate and soothe Very Dry Skin. Our ethnobotanists travel the world to find the most gentle and powerful plant actives — ensuring that our face masks deliver unrivaled results, without being harsh on skin. All good reasons why many of our masks, including V-Facial Intensive Mask have become cult favorites.
So whether your skin needs soothing, de-puffing, smoothing, replenishing, detoxifying, deep hydration, rebalancing, or a boost of radiance—Clarins has a mask for that! The result: skin that is well-nourished, revitalized, impurity-free…the very best it can be.
*Organic ingredients are produced in accordance with European regulation (CE 2018/848).

Clarins face masks are intensive treatments that target specific concerns, and are designed to complement your daily skincare routine. Use once or twice a week to pep up your complexion, visibly firm, replenish lost moisture, visibly fight fine lines + wrinkles, deeply nourish, soothe sensitivities, purify, de-puff,  or boost your skin’s glow. Our Mask Finder will guide you to the best mask for your skin’s exact needs.
Another great benefit of using a mask is relaxation. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to revitalize and unwind is well-deserved me-time. But even if you attend to your to-do list while your mask is on, you’ll see the results in a glowing complexion.

The Clarins Experts recommend using a face mask at night, after a warm shower or bath. Before you start, gently cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your facial skin to remove all traces of makeup, impurities, pollutants, and other pore-clogging debris…so that pores can breathe. The heat of the shower will open up pores even more, so they are especially receptive to the benefits of our potent, plant extracts. Using a face mask once or twice a week will help you maintain skin that is clean, radiant and perfectly hydrated day after day.

A mask should be incorporated into your beauty routine to boost the benefits of Clarins’ anti-aging skincare. To maximize the power of our potent plant ingredients, apply your mask to a clean complexion, so that dirt and bacteria aren’t trapped underneath.
First, cleanse with Total Cleansing Oil, Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse, or your favorite Clarins formula. Then polish away pore-clogging dead cells with Clarins’ Comfort Scrub or Fresh Scrub. Follow with the toner for your skin type—consider Hydrating Toning Lotion for Normal or Dry Skin, or  Purifying Toning Lotion for Oily Skin. Your skin will now be prepped to receive the full benefits of your mask. Whether you opt for a gel, balm, clay, cream, or cream-mousse—just pull up a chair, put up your hair, and take time to relax and enjoy your treatment.

Season-to-season, year-to-year, your skin care needs change, and your face masks should change too. Use the Clarins Mask Finder to take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect ones for you.
Like all Clarins formulas, our masks are powered by the most effective natural or organic plant ingredients—each sourced with the utmost respect for the environment to protect biodiversity.
Clarins skincare fanatics love Beauty Flash Balm, a super-hydrating treatment for dull, dry skin. This multi-tasking, lightweight balm visibly brightens and tightens facial contours, gets skin glowing in flash, and doubles as a mask…for skin that looks rested, radiant and relaxed. Or recharge skin in your sleep with My Clarins RE-CHARGE Relaxing Detox Night Cream—a rebalancing moisture-rich formula that promotes a healthy-looking, rosy glow by morning.
For a Clarins professional spa experience at home, Cryo-Flash Mask, inspired by cryotherapy, and powered by our exclusive Cryo-Starter Technology—Clarins’ proprietary blend of the molecule M.G.A., a menthol derivative + and Organic Evening Primrose extract—dramatically cools the skin to visibly reduce pores, boost radiance, provide an instant visible lift effect, and deliver 24H hydration.* If puffiness is a problem, look to V-Facial Intensive Mask , a cult favorite cream-mousse—formulated with Beautyberry, Ginger and Lady’s Mantle extracts—that relieves puffiness and swelling caused by stress, heat and hormonal changes. Seeing excess sebum? SOS Pure is the face mask for you and is enriched with Alpine Willow Herb extract to purify, mattify and visibly tighten pores.
*Clinical test, 24 women, after a 10 minute application of the mask

Anyone from age 20+, can benefit from a Clarins face mask. Use our Mask Finder to discover the masks that complement your skin’s anti-aging routine and ever-changing beauty needs.

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