Why does Clarins use hazelnut oil in its face and body oils?

Clarins is known for their high quality face and body oils. Starting off as a seller of exclusive oils in salons and spas, we have since become a mainstay in the beauty and skincare routines of women and professionals around the world.

Why is Clarins known for Essential Oils?

Clarins was founded by Jacques Courtin in 1954 in Paris, France. Courtin blended his own unique essential oil blends and sold them from his salon. He built up a massive following of fans, and attracted the business of celebrities and notables from around the world.

To this day, we’re still selling some of Courtin’s proprietary essential oil blends. The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and Lotus Face Treatment Oil still delight and nourish customers around the world. Our Tonic Body Treatment Oil, Relax Body Treatment Oil and Contour Body Treatment Oil form a key component of many women’s comprehensive beauty routine.

Clarins only uses the highest quality ingredients available from a variety of sources around the planet. Our plant extracts and essential oils are then blended with cold pressed hazelnut oil, one of the most moisturizing and nutrient-dense oils available. Dermatologists and skincare experts regard hazelnut oil as one of the best oils for dry skin on legs, dry skin on hands and dry skin treatment in general. If you’re asking how to get rid of dry skin, hazelnut oil is the answer you’re looking for!

What are the benefits of hazelnut oil?

Clarins chooses to use hazelnut oil as it is one of the most stable and beneficial oils out there, and one of the most effective dry skin treatments for a visibly hydrated skin. Hazelnut oil is rich in oleic acid, a fatty acid that helps to moisturize the skin and keeps it visibly hydrated.

Hazelnut oil is known for its hydrating properties, as it is high in Vitamin E and fatty acids. Vitamin E can help in keeping your skin visibly soft and supple.

In addition to its moisturizing qualities, hazelnut oil is packed full of tannins, powerful antioxidants that also act as astringents. Astringents cleanse the skin, remove bacteria, and help to balance the overall look and health on the surface of the face — which makes it one of the best face oils for dry skin.

Unlike some other plant oils, hazelnut oil leaves behind no greasy residue or sticky film on the skin. Instead, it absorbs with ease, leaving the skin visibly soft, supple, and moisturized.

Which oils are best for anti-aging skin care?

The signs of aging cannot be stopped by oils, but they can form an essential part of your skincare routine. If you are looking for anti-aging skincare, you need to find products that include moisturizing oils. Above all else, maintaining moisture in your skin will provide you with the most visible results. Ideally, you want to use the best oil for dry skin, one of which is hazelnut oil.

Clarins uses hazelnut oil as the base for all of our facial oil blends, an ingredient that helps to moisturize the skin and decrease the risk of the visible signs of early aging due to sun damage and dehydration. One of our best anti-aging products is our new Plant Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Oil-Emulsion.

This new product is a 2 in 1 oil-emulsion moisturizer that comes in a dual chamber bottle, allowing you to blend together the famous Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil with a specially formulated melting lotion. All of the ingredients are 100% natural.

This lightweight moisturizing oil is free from chemical preservatives, colors, and synthetic fragrance. It smells lovely, and Plant Gold's aroma phytocare properties are designed to boost your feelings of wellbeing as you care for your mind, body, and soul. Patchouli and sandalwood are known for their musky scent, but they are also some of the best essential oils for skin.

What is the best face oil for dry skin?

If you suffer from dry skin on your face, you already know just how uncomfortable and irritating it can be. Makeup doesn’t sit nicely on your skin, you look tired, and it makes you look older than your years. The secret to a youthful-looking appearance is hydrated, and supple skin, which a moisturizer for dry skin will help you to achieve.

Clarins’ Santal Face Treatment Oil is one of our best products. This is a special blend of sandalwood, cardamom and lavender essential oils, all designed to visibly soothe and smooth dry or extra dry skin.

Bound in ultra moisturizing hazelnut oil, Santal Face Treatment Oil can reduce the risk of your skin from losing moisture.

Hazelnut oil is soothing and moisturizing

Clarins uses hazelnut oils in its facial and body moisturizers because it is one of the best plant-based products on the market. Easily absorbing, packed with nutrients, and non-greasy on the skin, hazelnut oil is ideal for cosmetic skin care. Do you have a favorite application for hazelnut oil?

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