How do I choose a lipstick?

Picking a lipstick that’s just right for you is a serious business. With so many shades to choose from, you might be unsure of how to make a selection or keep reverting to the same shade, year after year. But don't give up! Follow Clarins’ tips to find the shades of lip color and the finishes that are perfect for you.

1. Condition lips for best results

Before talking shades, finishes, and how to put on lipstick, the prettiness of your pout and the eventual quality of your finish will depend on the condition your lips are in. Lips need to be treated with their very own skincare products before moving on to achieve your favorite lipstick makeup looks.

After your bath or shower, wrap a corner of your cotton face cloth around a finger, dampened with warm water and gently exfoliate your lips in a circular motion. This gets rid of any crusting or dry skin and perfectly prepares lips for a moisture boost. Now apply your lip balm. Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm is a super-quenching lip balm – with soothing Blue Lotus Essential Wax – that gets lips looking soft, smooth, and into a kissable condition in no time at all. The luxurious melting formula moisturizes, nourishes, and helps to protect lips all day long and in any environment. Clarins Comfort Scrub Nourishing Oil Scrub can also be used to gently exfoliate, soften, and smooth the appearance of your lips.

Now you’re ready for your perfect shade!

2. How to find your perfect lip color

Want to know the best makeup tips for rocking your lip color makeup looks? Invest in the best lipsticks that not only color your pout but also help to hydrate this delicate area.

Learn how to find the shade that’s just right for you. Start by asking yourself, what is my skin tone? Determine your skin tone and you’ll be able to find your ideal skin tone color. Here’s how to do it.

Most women either have a cool or warm skin tone while a neutral skin tone is not as common. Those with cool skin tones usually have fair skin with a pink or bluish hue, and their skin tends to burn before it tans. You look your best in silver jewelry. Lipstick colors for cool skin tones have blue or purple-shaded undertones. Choose cooler shades of pink and mauve lipstick. Steer clear of lip color with orangey shades, nude lipstick or shades that are too light, they’ll make you look paler.

You have a warm skin tone if you have a yellow or golden hue to your skin. You might have been told that you have an olive skin tone or caramel skin tone. You look gorgeous in gold jewelry and tan easily. Colors for warm skin tones include dark red lipstick or orangey lipsticks.

You have a neutral skin tone if you look good in both silver and gold jewelry, and your skin color doesn’t seem to clash with any color in particular. This means you have a wider choice of lipstick palette, even trickier shades of mauve lipstick.

3. Choose the right look and texture

The finish you choose for your lip color will depend on the rest of your makeup look. If you’re wearing natural makeup, you’ll want to opt for a nude matte lipstick or leave off the lipstick completely and choose a gently-shaded lip gloss or a touch of clear lip gloss. Try Clarins Natural Lip Perfector – a nourishing lip gloss that delivers a tint of shimmering color, 3D shine with Shea Butter, and enriched in Vitamin F. The sensorial melting texture of Natural Lip Perfector glides on with the help of an easy-to-use cushion applicator that provides the perfect amount of color and soothes the senses with a delicate vanilla scent.

To complement a more dramatic makeup palette, you’ll want to wear a high gloss liquid lipstick or a deeper matte version of your best skin tone color. Clarins Water Lip Stain is a moisturizing, matte lip stain that stays vibrant until you take it off. This long-wear lipstick is formulated with all the benefits of a lip treatment, Water Lip Stain leaves lips visibly soft, hydrated, and incredibly comfortable. And you get to customize the result from a just-kissed look to match nude makeup to high voltage color for special occasion makeup looks. The more coats, the deeper the color intensity!

4. How to apply lipstick

Start with smooth, hydrated lips using Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm – with soothing Blue Lotus Essential Wax – to comfort, soothe, and get lips into soft, smooth, kissable condition.

First, dab a bit of primer or concealer onto the lips with a flat or small fluffy brush. For the best long-lasting lipstick wear, lightly dust lips with face powder. Now, you’re ready to apply lip liner which should be as close to your natural lip tone as possible.

Now, you’re ready to apply your lipstick. Use a small flat or lip brush for an even application. Avoid matte lipstick if you have dry lips. Use creamy formulas or your best lip gloss to keep lips looking moisturized and feeling comfortable. For lips that match your natural makeup look, you needn’t use a lip liner. Blot on color with your finger, staying within your lip’s natural line.

Don’t forget to invest in a makeup remover that is alcohol-free and gentle on your skin. You’ll want that pout in perfect condition to try out all your new Clarins shades and makeup ideas!

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