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Bronzed skin, without the beach holiday!
Clarins self-tanners Clarins self-tanners

The weather’s getting nicer, so everyone wants their bare legs out, cute summer dresses on, and a healthy glow!

With more than 40 years of sun care expertise, our soothing, plant-infused Clarins self tanning products create golden, even, sun-kissed glow from head-to-toe—minus the UV rays. Four mistake-proof, moisture-rich formulas deliver buildable, streak-free color…with results that are so true to you, you’ll love what develops. Get a radiant glow going with Self Tanning Milky Lotion, Self Tanning Instant Gel, or our Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Boosters—for the healthy look of sun 365 days a year.

How do good self tanners work?
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Clarins’ self tanners are formulated with our exclusive Self Tan Complex—a blend of DHA + Erythrulose, two 100% naturally sourced plant sugars—to produce tailor-made results. When this blend of ingredients comes in contact with the amino acids on the skin’s surface, it creates a kiss of color that simulates a sun-made tan, and fades just like the real thing, within about five days.

Self tanning products do not provide sun protection, so when you’re out and about—or even sitting near a window—shield the skin on your face with Clarins’ UV PLUS Broad Spectrum SPF 50 to help lock out harmful UV rays that can cause dark spots and early signs of skin aging.

Why exfoliate before using a self tanner?
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The best way to promote radiant, even, long-lasting results that resist peeling and flaking is to exfoliate before applying your self tanning products. Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin is a refreshing body scrub—with naturally exfoliating Bamboo powder—that gently polishes away dead surface cells, flakes and impurities…assuring an even, streak-free tan. Mimosa Tenuiflora and Shea Butter leave body skin soft, smooth and well-nourished. Gently massage onto clean, damp skin once or twice a week, paying special attention to rough spots, like elbows, knees, heels and feet. Rinse well. Soft, smooth, and refreshed—body skin is perfectly prepped for the Clarins self tanners to follow. For the skin on your face, apply Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream once or twice a week, as needed. This microbead-free exfoliating cream gently smoothes away impurities and dead, dull cells with Natural Clay, leaving skin soft, clean, and refreshed. Soothing Primrose extract comforts even the most sensitive complexions. Skin is radiant, hydrated and prepped for your Clarins self tanner for the face.

Why moisturize before applying a self tanner?
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To assure a smooth, long-lasting glow, moisturize your face after exfoliating. A well-moisturized complexion will look that much more luminous. Clarins’ Hydra Essentiel face creams are powered by super-quenching Organic Leaf of Life extract—a resilient succulent plant that seals in precious moisture, leaving skin comfortable, radiant, and perfectly hydrated…the perfect canvas for a flawless self tan. Clarins has face moisturizers for every age and skin type, plus youth-boosting serums for every concern—providing the perfect beauty routines to nourish your skin day and night, for maximum self tanning results.

The same goes for your body, and Clarins’ Moisture-Rich Body Lotion is the best formula for the job. Apply after exfoliating to soften and smooth even very dry skin with 88% natural ingredients, including nourishing Shea butter, soothing Organic Raspberry water, and gently exfoliating Tamarind pulp acids. Body skin feels velvety and cocooned—all set for creating an even, golden, long-lasting self tan.

How do I choose the right self tanner?
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Drops, gel, lotions—Clarins self tanners for face and body come in several luxurious textures, so choose according to your preference. Each formula produces a golden, even, sun-kissed glow…so completely natural-looking, no one will have a clue but you. Just 2-3 drops of Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster For Body or Face, mixed with your favorite moisturizers, creates customizable results—from sun-touched to deep bronze—for the healthy look of summer in any season. Self Tanning Instant Gel's quick-drying formula creates a buildable, allover glow, instantly. The non-greasy texture lets you get dressed immediately. Self Tanning Milky Lotion's lightweight texture delivers a sun-kissed glow + 24-hour hydration. Apply them 3-4 times a week to create and maintain your tan—or use them to enhance, or even out an existing tan on face and body. Whichever formulas you choose, you’re golden!

What is the best self tanner for face?
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Each of Clarins’ self tanning formulas delivers luminous, buildable, customizable color. Opt for quick-drying Self Tanning Instant Gel for immediate results, Self Tanning Milky Lotion with moisture-rich Aloe and Organic Fig extracts for 24 hours of non-stop hydration, or Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face mixed with your Clarins facial products for a radiant, made-to-measure tan that intensifies with every drop. Always apply Clarins self tanners to a clean, moisturized face, neck and décolleté. For best results, avoid your eyebrows and hairline. Whether you use these formulas occasionally for a subtle touch of tan, or repeat each day to build deep bronze color—these complexion-warming formulas are so skin tone-adaptable, they’re the best self tanners for fair skin, too.

What is the best body self tanner to use all year round?
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Pale, pasty body skin—it happens! Especially in winter when we’re cloaked in coats, tights, and scarves. When it comes to going to a holiday party, pull out all the stops by giving your body skin a quick self tan—the perfect pick-me-up for prettifying a plunging neckline, and beautifying your arms and legs with a golden hue. Don’t you feel better just thinking about it? Clarins’ Self Tanning Instant Gel and Self Tanning Milky Lotion can be smoothed-on each day, straight from the tube. Or incorporate Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body into your daily body care routine for a golden tan, even on the cloudiest days. Just mix a few drops with your favorite body lotion or cream to add a self tanning action to the formula—for quick, customizable results. Don’t wait for nice weather to acquire your tan. Create one with Clarins’ collection of self tanners for a head-to-toe glow…no beach time required!

What’s the best way to apply self tanners ?

Exfoliate, hydrate, self tan—three essential steps for creating a golden glow on face and body. Using circular motions, quickly smooth  a small amount of self tanner over clean, dry skin with the palm of your hand—avoiding eyebrows, hairline and soles of feet. Wash hands and nails with soap and water immediately after application.

Clarins Expert Tips:

  1. The dry skin on elbows, knees, heels and feet tends to take on more color, so wipe them down soon after you apply your self tanner.
  2. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed—unless you’re using Self Tanning Instant Gel, which dries immediately.
  3. Clarins’ self tanners do not stain clothes.
How to get a healthy glow going without a self tanner or UV rays?
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Experience sun in powder form! Clarins’ Compact Bronzing Powder warms the complexion with a luminous, matte, sun-kissed glow while hydrating and softening the skin. Makeup made for skin—this silky formula was developed with the same expertise as Clarins skincare and includes a plant-based  Micropatch that keeps skin moist and comfortable throughout the day. Sweep on some sun with three embossed shades that contour, sculpt and illuminate face, neck and décolleté. Pop it into your purse for an instant sunny glow that follows you wherever you go. 

Which self tanner is right for you?

My priority
tanning results
Self Tanning Milky Face and Body Lotion
Self Tanning Instant Gel
Radiance Plus Golden Glow Self Tan Face Drops
Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body
Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body

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