Winter skin care routine: Tips for winter dry skin

Winter skin care routine:
Tips for winter dry skin

In the winter season, our skin encounters various challenges. Cold blasts, low outdoor humidity, and dry, heated indoor air contribute to moisture loss, worsening sensitivity, and dry, sore skin. Establishing a winter skincare routine is crucial for replenishing hydration and restoring your skin's dewy glow.

To kickstart your winter skincare routine, the experts at Clarins have shared tips on how to tweak your current routine for the colder months to help your dry skin along with the correct application methods.

Step 1: Cleanse: Start fresh (faced)

A face cleanser is the foundation of your regime and is a critical step never to be missed.

Without removing impurities, makeup, and dirt, your skin will not be able to absorb all the goodness from the later stages of your routine, rendering the following products useless.

While cleansing can leave skin more radiant, it can also strip or irritate it. So, it is vital to choose the right cleanser for your skin, whether dry, oily, combination, or sensitive.

To make the most of your chosen cleanser, warm it up in your palms with a little water to create a lather.

Next, apply the product equally across your face and neck using the natural weight of your hands.

Then, quickly lift your hands on and off your face and neck to eliminate pollution and impurities. Follow with gentle circular motions before rinsing off and patting dry.

A top tip is to use room temperature when cleansing to avoid irritation from water that is too hot or cold.

Step 2: Tighten pores with a toner

Adding a toner to your winter skincare routine can work wonders. Apply after your cleanser, exfoliator, or mask to remove any last traces of makeup, balance your skin pH, and prepare your skin to absorb moisturizing products.

Get the best out of your toner by soaking two cotton pads with toning lotion and gently wiping over your cleansed face, there’s no need to rinse - you can let the product dry naturally!

Step 3: Hydrate your eye area with an eye cream

Your eyes can be one of the first places to show signs of aging or dryness, making an eye cream essential to your skincare routine.

Following cleansing and toning, applying an eye cream can rehydrate your eye area, targeting the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, and wrinkles.

To apply an eye treatment, start by warming the product between your fingertips, using the pads of your fingers to gently press into your skin, going from the inside corners of your eyes to the temples.

Repeat three times below and above the eye, following the natural direction of lymphatic circulation to ease the appearance of puffiness.

Remember, you can start using an eye cream from your 20s, and incorporating one into your routine early can help maintain your youthful complexion.

Step 4: Supercharge skin with a serum

Serums have potent active ingredients that address a specific skin need, such as dullness, wrinkles, dryness, or oiliness.

Adding a few drops of serum before your moisturizer can optimize its hydrating, firming, and replenishing properties.

To apply your serum, warm a small amount between your hands for three seconds. Then, using the natural weight of your hands, distribute the serum over your face and neck.

Tip: Finish using Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method, pressing the serum into your skin with your hands, three times on your cheeks and forehead, and a further five times on your neck and décolleté.

This application is designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation to revive the skin's radiance and promote a healthier appearance.

Step 5: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

It is a little-known fact that your moisturizer is the hardest working part of your beauty routine

The right moisturizer does not stop at hydrating your skin - it will also protect it from the harmful effects of stress and pollution - which can lead to premature aging.

Whether your skin is dry, combination or oily, moisturizing shouldn’t be skipped. In fact, while those with oily skin may think it better to avoid moisturizing, dropping this step can make the skin overproduce sebum, creating a shinier appearance.

As with your serum, it is best to warm your moisturizer in your palms before using the natural weight of your hands to distribute it across your face and neck.

Then, using the Clarins’ Draining Pressure Method, press the product into your cheeks and forehead three times before moving to your neck and décolleté, where you’ll repeat pressing the product in five times.

Step 6: Face mask

For added luxury, incorporate a weekly facemask into your routine after cleansing for a spa-like experience.

A facemask can be used to address several areas, with hydrating serum/gel masks plumping and nourishing dry skin and clay masks mattifying oily skin.

Step 7: Don’t forget about the body!

Now your face is feeling fresh, it’s time to take care of the rest of your body. Give yourself a hydration boost with a body moisturizer or oil, before working your way down to the feet. Moisturize immediately after a shower or bath to lock in moisture when your pores are at their most open.

Feet have it hard and they can often be forgotten about; without a little TLC they can begin to feel rough and dry, even cracking in places. Give them a little treat with a ‘foot bath’ before using an exfoliator to buff away any dead skin cells, revealing velvety soft skin. To finish, pop on a little moisturizer, taking the time to massage it in. The extra benefit of cream is that it strengthens and enhances toenails - perfect for a pretty pedicure to follow!

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