Your Skin During Pregnancy

It isn't just an old wives' tale: a woman can look ravishing during pregnancy. When you’re expecting, you may experience thick, gorgeous hair, sparkling eyes, and glowing, rosy cheeks. But you may also notice the adverse effects on your skin.

During pregnancy, your skin type may change from oily to dry, or the opposite, so it's important to adjust your beauty routine to include pregnancy skin care.

Try to stay out of the sun as much as you can during pregnancy and in the first few months after giving birth. An unpreventable condition called chloasma can darken your skin during this time, and being in the sun can make it even worse. So be sure your pregnancy skin care routine includes high-protection SPF whenever you go out. And since your skin is prone to dryness while you're expecting, be sure to moisturize often and use lip balm frequently.

And if pregnancy has you thinking about stretch marks, you're not alone. They’re one of the most talked about skin changes that occur during pregnancy, and almost 90 percent of women experience them. But using stretch mark cream during pregnancy can prevent or reduce the appearance of these unwelcome lines.

Clarins Stretch Mark Control helps prevent stretch marks by enhancing the production of collagen fibers and boosting the skin’s resistance and elasticity. The Tonic Body Treatment Oil is made of 100 percent pure plant extracts to help firm, tone, and improve the skin’s elasticity, as well as target stretch marks. For more lifting and firming gels, finding the right stretch mark cream for you and your skin, or for the best body scrub for your pregnancy, take a look at Clarins’ Pregnancy line, which offers the best treatment for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

Clarins Flash Tip
Exfoliating twice a week is another way to fight stretch marks. Doing so stimulates microcirculation and casts off dead cells.

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